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11 Benefits of Laravel Development Services for Enterprises

When you develop an application, you need to include different features and back-end code that will help your app run properly, function well, and offer built-in features that your visitors can utilize to boost your revenue. To do this, you need to choose a framework for your developmental process. One of the most popular frameworks used by businesses today is the Laravel framework.
laravel development

What is Laravel Development?

Laravel development is an open-source PHP framework that helps make your web or mobile applications run faster, integrate into your business with ease, and improve user experience. It makes creating an application easier and more streamlined so you can focus on fine tuning the details and creating the best experience possible. Due to the continual upgrades in Laravel features and the ongoing supportive features, many people see Laravel development services as the best framework available for enterprises and web application development.

MVC in Laravel stands for model-view-controller, which gives developers a chance to break the framework down into three parts. The model aspect involves the data, the view includes how you will view and/or modify the data, and the controller refers to the different types of operations that can be performed on the existing data. This breakdown allows developers to keep things separated and increase overall efficiency.

Why Utilize Laravel Development Services for Enterprises

As we mentioned, a lot of people see Laravel development services as the best framework available for enterprises and web application development. But why? Here are 11 benefits of Laravel development services for enterprises.

1. Top of the Line Security

Regardless of what you’re using your web or mobile app for, you’re going to need to have integrated, high-quality security features. Online safety has never been more important and when clients are giving you their data, you need to reassure them that it’s going to be protected. Laravel development services offers top of the line security and protects your users from forgery attempts, SQL injection, and any attempts at infiltrating your coding base. This means that you’ll enjoy a strongly protected web or mobile application with improved functionality and no delays due to any security fallbacks. With close to zero security risks, you’ll give your clients the confidence they want and need when entering personal and sensitive information online.

Laravel Development Process for Businesses

2. Flexibility Across Devices

A lot of frameworks require you to change your technology depending on the device you’re using. Laravel does not. When you utilize Laravel development services, you’ll be able to experience unparalleled flexibility across your devices. This creates better user experience and has been shown to improve conversion rates and overall satisfaction. With this level of flexibility, you’ll never lose out on a sale due to frustration regarding lack of accessibility. The result tends to be the opposite. With greater accessibility, you’ll notice increased traffic which leads to a higher conversion rate.

3. Multilingual Options

One thing that reduces the reach of an application is the lack of options for multilingual access. Many web applications in today’s world have a global reach and if you can’t communicate your message in certain languages, you’re going to lose opportunity. Laravel development services offers a solution to this problem. Embedded in the framework are options for multilingual application development, which allows you to communicate to more people and increase your target audience. In addition to beneficial multilingual development, Laravel is completely scalable and allows you to utilize hundreds of different features that your visitors may use in their daily lives. The improvement in this type of linguistics is something that many frameworks are lacking, which is why professionals love Laravel.

4. Better Performance

If your web or mobile application doesn’t perform well, it’s not going to be put to use. People won’t settle for poor performing apps—not when there are millions of other options available at the touch of a finger. With Laravel development services, you’ll gain access to one of the highest performing PHP frameworks in the world. There are crucial tools embedded within the framework that allow developers to improve performance without sacrificing design or extra features. With Laravel, you can have it all. You’ll gain access to unique, unbeatable features, seamless functionality, and the best performance possible. Laravel offers compatible options to integrate complementing plug-ins and even other open sourced databases like Redis and Memcached.

better performance

5. Unbeatable Features

It’s well known that the features are what make or break a web or mobile application. People want easy to use, convenient, and relevant features that will make their lives simple. Laravel makes all of that, and more, possible. Laravel development services offer some of the best features in any PHP development framework. These features can be extended to benefit both front-end and back-end aspects of your application and will give you a better opportunity to test data, view your composers, add automation, and more. If you’re looking for features that will not only help your users, but also allow your enterprise to reap the benefits, Laravel is you best option.

6. Extraordinary Traffic Handling Capability

Although it’s rare to see high levels of traffic when you first launch a mobile or web application, that’s not to say that someday you’ll experience it. When you do, you need to have a framework that can handle the data with high processing speeds. Laravel not only gives you the ability to handle high levels of traffic, it helps you generate it without charging you hundreds of dollars in fees. Laravel development services have an automated message system that helps to balance the traffic load and ensures that your app can handle everything in a healthy, fast, and efficient manner. It balances the load of high traffic without causing problems or errors for your users. If you expect high traffic and don’t want to pay for expensive hosting, Laravel is a great alternative.

7. Streamlined Verification

With the number of online hackers, robots, or automated actions completed on applications today, it’s important to make sure that your users are verified and legitimate. Having users that aren’t authentic will do nothing for your enterprise except waste resources. Laravel gives you clean, precise, and reliable information on the authenticity of your users. If a user doesn’t pass the verification process, they won’t be able to use your resources. This in turn saves you time, money, and allows you to focus on users that are genuinely interested in your enterprise.

8. A Strong Open Source Community

An open source platform allows developers to go in and make changes or improve the code and application—it’s open for everyone to use. In a closed source platform, only the original author of the code can legally make changes, which can prove to be difficult if you have a team of developers working on an application or if you need to upgrade your application after the original development. Laravel development is one of the only open source platforms for PHP development. Because of this, there is an extremely strong community that surrounds the Laravel framework who continually work to help improve scalability. It’s easy to get advice from the Laravel community if you need to advance your software or add in more complex functions.

9. Streamlined Web Development

With Laravel development, you’ll be able to get your mobile or web application up and running in less time with fewer errors. The inherent framework of Laravel has been shown to help improve developer’s productivity and quicken the time in which it takes for the software to be completed. Larger enterprises will benefit from this more than smaller enterprises, as they’re giving access to more scalability and uniquely functioning apps in less time. However, that’s not to say that small enterprises don’t benefit from Laravel—it just takes a little more time for development.

10. Popularity Amongst the Community

With all of the benefits of Laravel, it’s no surprise that it’s also one of the most popular frameworks in the community. There are hundreds of skilled Laravel developers ready to help you improve your application or make upgrades as they’re needed. The benefits of using Laravel for enterprises make it a trusted framework that is backed by knowledgeable developers.

11. Saves you Time

Thanks to the simplicity of Laravel and all of the immeasurable benefits it provides to enterprises, implementing this framework will save you time. The mobile or web application development process is more streamlined, which allows you to get things up and running faster than ever.

If you’re interested in utilizing Laravel development services in your enterprise, but aren’t quite sure where to start, don’t hesitate to contact the professionals at Plego Technologies today. Our professionals are well versed in Laravel and here to help you get the most out of your web applications from start to finish and everything in between. Remember, when your app performs its best, you’ll reap the most benefit and have a greater opportunity to capitalize on conversions. Call us today at 630-541-7929 to learn more about Laravel or to schedule a consultation.