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What’s The Buzz About Mobile Apps?

You may be starting to hear the buzz about mobile apps and why your business may need one. But if you don’t know much about them and you’re not as technically savvy as you’d hoped to be, Plego is here to save the day. Many business owners are in tune with social media and power up mobile app development, but some aren’t. If you don’t understand how or why a mobile app is important for your business, continue reading.

Buzz about Mobile Apps
  1. You’ll be visible to your customers at all times. Did you know that statistics prove that the average American spends an upwards of two hours a day or their mobile device? This means that while a handful of applications make up for plenty of this total usage, it definitely doesn’t change the fact that each user will be scrolling through their phone to find the app they’re looking for. If your mobile app is “in the way”, it can be an advantage to your company. In our mind, they’re unconsciously thinking about your company when they come across it, even if they don’t open the mobile app at the time.
  2. Enjoy a direct marketing channel. There are many different functions that mobile apps serve. They can provide prices of products, booking forms, general info, search features, messengers, news feeds, user accounts and much more.
  3. You’ll be able to provide higher value to your customers. On-hand information is easy access for your customers, including a digitized loyalty program that you could have set in place. Instead of taking up room with an old-point-collection card, introduce options, such as a rewards mobile app.

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