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Plego enabled us to show potential customers on the web how our virtual environment platform makes it so easy to meet, collaborate, and interact virtually. They understood our product first, which gave them a deep understanding of our what we wanted to accomplish with our site. They created a website that is appealing, intuitive and truly shows off the purpose of our virtual product. Plego is an excellent web development partner.

Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices – PHP, Laravel, MySQL, JavaScript, jQuery.

Client Profile

Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices – BHHS is a real estate brokerage franchise network specifically designed for today’s marketplace. BHHS is the name of trust, integrity, stability, and longevity among buyers and sellers.

Client Industry

Real Estate

Business Challenge

BHHS was no stranger to bringing buyers and dealers together through large exhibitions, expositions, and conventions. However, the Covid-19 Pandemic caused social isolation that made challenging for Individuals to socialize, learn, build community, engage, or have entertainment.

In the face of a New Normal due to disease outbreak, BHHS sought out innovative technological solutions that could help Buyers, Sellers and individuals alike stand apart in an economic crisis. The aim? To reintroduce successful Expos, lounges, general sessions and Booths for marketers while continuing under social distancing guidelines.


Plego took on the challenge and created a web application that allows exhibitors to showcase their goods, services, and brands.

    Plego provided a robust digital experience for BHHS, allowing attendees to explore the in-person expo from wherever they were. Detailed replicas of the lobby, exhibitor booths and networking lounge could be accessed online – bringing all aspects of the event into one virtual space.

    Our expert developers designed multiple sections for marketing events, internal information events, and partner events making it a Portal of a virtual or digital expo that can be accessed using standard web browsers.

    BHHS greatly profited from the following advantages.

  • Cost-Effectiveness
    • Plego Technologies minimized the expense of the physical exhibit, exhibit services, travel, food, and logistics.
  • Accessibility and Scalability
    • Plego enabled Expo organizers to scale, accommodate, segmentize, limit or increase the number of people who can attend and eliminate high costs by hosting virtual events. Simultaneously, allowing users to revisit the site at any time to view and engage with the virtual convention booths.
  • Reporting and Analytics
    • We Introduced Predictive analytics technology for Virtual activities to track insightful user data from the attendee’s engagements within the virtual space.
    • The information gathered helps Exhibitors improve the location and purpose of future events’ offering.
  • Globalization
    • Providing online trade shows to support exhibitors in qualifying leads from all around the world.
    • As long as the audience has access to a device, they can have a truly incredible event experience.
  • Environmentally Friendly
    • The Web application aids in the achievement of environmentally friendly, natural, and non-polluting objectives.
  • Location-Independence
    • Encourage users to participate in the event at their convenience.
  • Generating Leads
    • Converting a visitor into a potential customer.
    • 3D Product View
      • Plego provided an exciting and engaging experience for attendees by offering a 360 -View to display the product from each side.
  • Incorporating several important functions that aid exhibitors and visitors in interacting effectively, such as;
    • Video representation.
    • Images / Banners.
    • Downloadable PDF Content.
    • External Links for Social media networks such as;
      • Website.
      • Facebook.
      • LinkedIn.
      • YouTube.
  • In addition, the virtual trade fair offered a variety of customizable rooms and networking lounges to connect guests and exhibitors.
  • Exhibitors and sponsors have access to specialized marketing resources that helped bring their campaigns and products to life through this cutting-edge app.

Plego created four different portals within the Web Application, each with its own set of capabilities.

Plego has provided each member with their own login credentials.


Three thumbnail links are displayed on the dashboard. Each has its own distinct characteristics.

A Click on “View an Expo thumbnail” redirects the admin to the following pages, which include:

  • Lists, covering details of the Managers hosting Expos.
  • Each Thumbnail link represents information of the Exhibitor such as;
    • Name of Expo.
    • Contact Name.
    • Contact Number.
    • Email Address.
    • Fax Number.
    • Number of Booths.

A Click on “Create an Expo thumbnail” allows the admin to create an Expo by filling all the required fields of the form.

A Click on “Analytics” redirects the admin to the page with three subcategories.

  • The following features have been included to provide useful insight into the Users.
    • Filter Fields.
    • Search Button.
    • Start / End Date.
    • Displays the attendee’s other details as they browse the booth;
      • First and Last Name.
      • Email Address.
      • Booth Name.
      • Location of Navigation.
  • Booth Analytics
  • Web Analytics
  • Gamification
    • Enable users to earn points by exploring and clicking on specific fields.


Manager Dashboard highlights two Thumbnail links.

Exhibitor redirects to the below page upon clicking on “Manage an Expo”.

Further Click on a particular Expo leads the manager to the page that provides access to the following.

  • All desired Booth Spaces for the individual client with the following privileges;
    • Tier 1: No Video.
    • Tier 2: One Video.
    • Tier 3: Two Videos.
  • This Page enable Manager to View Booth Listings and can;
    • Add New Booth for Sponsor.
    • Update the existing Booth with title, Email, Image, and other information.
    • Delete the Booth.

Manager is redirected to the booth’s interior upon clicking on any Thumbnail Link.

The Analytics dashboard works in the same way as the admin dashboard.

Booth Owner

Booth Owner designs custom based space as per the preferences with the following features;

  • Step 1
    • Selecting the Booth Theme among different options.
  • Step 2
    • Add Graphics, such as;
      • Banner.
      • Logo.
  • Step 3 (Add Content)
    • External Video Links.
    • Downloadable PDF Document (Offers, Policies).
    • Slideshow.
    • Website and Social Media Pages Links.
    • Zoom Link.
    • Admin Chat Email address.
    • Email address of a Booth Owner.
    • Company Description.
    • Category / Industry.
    • Buttons (Save, Preview, Publish).

The preview links show how the booth will appear.

  • Each section is displayed with content (Mentioned above) to enhance the user experience.


Plego generates the account credentials, which the Manager then distributes to the listed users in order for them to attend the event.
Once the user logs in, this is how the interface appears.

  • A Dashboard that highlights all of the current events.
  • Agenda
    • This Section Displays a calendar of activities, together with a timeline.
  • Exhibitor Showcase
    • The Exhibitions to Attend are shown in an elegant interface.
  • University
    • Educational videos from the same school of thought are displayed in this section.
  • General Sessions
    • Multiple recorded videos Embedded to enhance the virtual experience.
  • Social Media Wall
    • Virtual Wall to illustrate the Posts and Feeds.
  • Awards Gallery
    • Categories (With Internal Links) are specified in this section for the Professionals who are honored with awards.
    • A click on each category redirects the users to a web server containing information about the winners.
    • A (Sample) that incorporate essentials of Ranking from Top to Bottom such as;
      • Profile Images.
      • Information of the Winner and Nominees.
  • Lounges
    • This section is further divided into two sections.
  • Recharge Lounge
    • In this category, Users will find tutorials from the sponsors.
  • Virtual Lounge
    • This Section incorporates an agenda of the Lounges with the timeline.
  • Speakers
    • This section features information on some of the most widely recognized real estate industry players.
  • Help / Support
    • This page offers attendees a comprehensive overview of virtual exhibits, including:
      • FAQs.
      • Interactive Flip Book.

Technologies Used

PHP (Laravel Framework), MySQL, JavaScript, jQuery.

Services Provided

Application Development