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Plego uses PHP frameworks – or code libraries – that allow us to create faster and more organized web applications. Frameworks make our PHP development service more scalable by providing common patterns and components to take the lead on the specific tasks required for the project. Frameworks can provide structure and guidance when developing sites and applications, improve code quality and make development more standardized, saving time and money. Additionally, PHP frameworks often come with pre-built components that allow developers to start quickly working on a new project.

Plego PHP Agency Reviews

“Plego Technologies is a team you can rely on. They always deliver . Plego delivered a uniquely sophisticated product above the industry standard. They followed through on all their promises and fulfilled the entirety of the scope. The experienced team has an extensive knowledge base and provides valuable support. They’re prompt and communicative. “

Omar H

from Rxeed

PHP Web Development

At our development company, we specialize in PHP web development services for both small and large projects. We have a team of experienced developers that is well-informed about all aspects of the PHP language and can help you create robust, high-quality websites and applications. From basic scripting to more complex development tasks, we offer a PHP programming service that deals with custom online web applications. We can assist you with coding, designing, and testing your application. Our experienced professionals will work with you to create an effective and efficient solution for your needs.

PHP Software Development

Our PHP software development companyhelps businesses of all sizes realize their digital ambitions. An open source language with no (or fewer) dependencies helps us provide professional, reliable, affordable platforms for creating dynamic and interactive web apps, mobile apps, and e-commerce stores. From developing cutting-edge back-end systems to crafting intuitive user interfaces, we ensure that your projects meet deadlines and exceed expectations.

PHP Web Configuration

Our web configuration services provide a professional, fast and reliable way to customize your PHP site’s appearance completely. We offer a wide range of PHP web configuration services and customize single-page web applications, dynamic websites, and e-commerce stores to help you get the most out of your website. We have everything you need to make your site run smoothly, from caching to security. Our modifications include:
  • Optimization of resources for fast loading times
  • Elimination of unnecessary server requests
  • Management and monitoring of database usage

PHP Database Modifications

We offer a wide range of PHP database modifications and upgrades for businesses and individuals. Our team is experienced in working with various databases, such as MySQL, PostgreSQL, and MongoDB. We can modify or upgrade your existing database infrastructure to meet your needs. We also set up web distributed data exchange for real-time data analytics. Our expertise in this area allows us to provide you with custom solutions that will improve your website’s functionality and performance.

PHP eCommerce Development

Let Plego’s PHP development team help you take your business to the next level with a powerful eCommerce Platform that’s easy to use with PHP, which has become the most popular choice. Our team of PHP e-commerce development experts can help you build bespoke shopping carts, checkout processes, customer management systems, and more with ease. We also have experience working with a wide range of third-party eCommerce platforms so that we can integrate your site seamlessly into an existing marketplace. We use industry standard frameworks like Joomla, Magento, and WordPress, along with open-source technologies like Laravel.

PHP CMS Deployment

Streamline & automate your business process with accessible, customizable, and efficient CMS. We help you integrate WordPress, Magento, and Joomla into open-source PHP CMSs. Perhaps we suggest you go with a customized and dedicated solution starting at a basic level and moving up to an enterprise system. Your world-class system surely needs to reflect your brand and our Chicago PHP agency specializes in providing custom PHP CMS services to our clients. We understand the importance of a quality content management system and ensure the best possible service to our clients.

Areas of Expertise: PHP Frameworks & Libraries

As one of Chicago’s top PHP software development companies, Plego offers expertise in many PHP frameworks and libraries.


CakePHP offers an easy-to-use and rapid development environment for creating complex, multi-user online applications. It’s an ultra lightweight and highly reliable framework with a well-documented API, customizable to your needs.


Laravel is a web application framework that makes it easy to create powerful, scalable web applications. Laravel takes care of most of the work so that you can focus on your code.


Symfony has all the tools to build robust, high-performance websites from a single source code base. Additionally, Symfony allows developers to add their features or extend the functionality of existing ones.


Phalcon offers a more concise, efficient, and different development experience in terms of its modular architecture, MVC design pattern, and de facto support for multiple languages.


Fat-free is a lightweight, high-performance web development framework focusing on simplicity and efficiency. It is built using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript and does not require external dependencies.


Kohana is an MVC framework built on top of the Zend Framework and has an integrated templating engine that makes it faster and easier to develop templates.


Codeigniter provides a plugin system, support for popular frameworks like Laravel and Symfony, and a community-driven plugins repository. Businesses can use Codeigniter to create simple websites or significant applications.

Zend / Laminas

Zend is unique in that it emphasizes object-oriented design and supports all major languages making it a popular choice for web development frameworks.


At its core, YII is an MVC framework. However, it also includes features that allow you to build RESTful and SOAP web applications. Additionally, it provides support for various database technologies (including MySQL, PostgreSQL, and MongoDB)


Aura is a modern, open-source front-end framework that provides a declarative syntax that makes coding more concise and easier. Aura integrates well with desktop and mobile app development platforms making it ideal for cross-platform projects.


FuelPHP has a modular architecture and provides features not found in other frameworks, such as an event dispatcher, internationalization support, dependency injection, and anonymous functions.


Slim is a lightweight web framework for PHP with an intuitive, modular design and relies on only the most essential library functions to provide you with the functionality you need. Slim also offers excellent performance, making it perfect for high-traffic websites.
” Plego was a great partner in developing the Engage Virtual Environment and all of it’s dynamic features. In response to the sudden shutdown of the live event industry to the Covid-19 Pandemic, Plego was able to turn around a dynamic virtual solution to have a platform up and running by summer of 2020. They were fully bought in to the startup culture at EngageVE and understood the importance of time and also quality. They have continued to enhance and add to the platform by loading it with tremendous interactive features that allowed virtual events to feel as close to possible as being live next to your colleagues and associates. Plego is the perfect solution provider for any web application project. “

Co-Founder EngageVE

Featured Project: Rxeed Laravel PHP Framework-based Marketplace!Web Infrastructure Migration

Project Description

Rxeed offers a one-stop dynamic electronic marketplace for prescriptions to facilitate business-to-business and business-to-consumer sales. Rxeed is building a pharmacy community that is inclusive, effective, and revolutionary. The founding team of Rxeed approached Plego with their conceptualization of a brand-new marketplace for pharmaceuticals to minimize inefficiencies. Plego breathed life into their existing module and developed a brand-new app via the Laravel PHP Framework to eliminate barriers to profitability and create more opportunities for Consumers and Independent Pharmacies Wholesalers. Read more about it on the Rxeed Case Study page!

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