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Why Choose Laravel Framework for Your Business Application

When it comes to building or creating anything online, you need to know and understand at least one of the many programming languages. If not, you’ll struggle through development and likely create an application that doesn’t exactly do much—let alone one that drives conversions. One of the most popular programming languages on the market today is PHP. PHP continues to evolve, but still has tremendous benefits over other languages. Once you start looking at PHP languages, you’ll find plenty of different frameworks in which to base your web programming. Frameworks are used to build a website and work to direct commands and compliment user behavior through software functioning. One of the best PHP frameworks is Laravel framework.

Laravel framework is one of the most popular frameworks available today. It helps businesses reduce the complexity of building and managing a site, gives suburb scaling opportunities, and makes testing your website or business application easier than ever. The primary reasons that people fall in love with Laravel are due to the increased performance, wide array of features, enhanced security, and ability to scale with time. In this article, we’ll take a deeper look at why to choose Laravel framework for your business application.

Advantages of Laravel

One of the best ways to fully understand the benefits of using Laravel framework is to simply look at all of its advantages. From outstanding security to localization ability and everything in between, there’s a reason that Laravel framework has been called the best PHP framework on the market.

Outstanding Security

Laravel security

Cyberattacks are on the rise, so websites and applications are prioritizing security more and more. This is a great way to protect your client information and reduce the chances of breaches in security. Laravel framework offers some of the best security features on the market, making it perfect for business applications both big and small. It doesn’t allow any malware activities and completely inhibits security threats. Laravel framework is a great option if you are worried about security breaches and will ensure that you keep your clients, and your business, safe.

Better Performance

Laravel Performance

Website and application performance plays a big role on user experience. Laravel framework offers better overall performance through the use of a number of built-in plug-ins and tools. These are often integrated during the initial build so that website developers and designers can utilize them throughout the entire development process. With the additional plug-ins available, you can add diverse functioning aspects to your app that will combine and create a better experience for your web visitors. The better your user experience is, the more conversions you’ll see.

Future-Ready Applications

Laravel future ready

Creating business applications take time, but things change quickly. The future brings about new technology, different trends, and exciting web functionality. However, this can be frustrating when you design a business application. As soon as you release it, things my have already changed. Laravel framework allows you to create applications that are ready for the changes of the future. With more upgrades, Laravel is known to adapt with the times so your visitors won’t deal with outdated practices.

Global Customer Access

Global Customer Access

Laravel framework can help you extend your business’ application reach to a global market. This is because it supports
multi-lingual development that will change with your changing audience. If someone accesses your application or website in a Spanish-speaking country, it can quickly and easily be changed to Spanish. You just need to make sure and implement this during development. This increases user experience and boosts the chances of developing a global market tenfold. In addition to multi-lingual development, Laravel framework is scalable and will change depending on which device someone used to access it.

Great Authentication


Developing authentication for a website or application is one of the most time-consuming parts of launching. Using Laravel framework, developers are able to integrate frameworks into the Laravel solution and create a well-oiled authentication machine using simple commands. If you’d prefer to create your own authentication, Laravel has a number of resources you can use to do so with little to no experience. When launched, this will help make sure that unauthorized users or visitors aren’t granted access to your resources.

Faster Time-to-Market

Faster Time

When you develop an application, it takes time to be tested before being released on the market. With Laravel framework, there is a faster time-to-market, which means that your business application can be released sooner so you can start reaping the benefits. This is because the features built-in actually help speed up development rather than slow them down.

Open source

Open-Source Platform

An open-source platform is a platform that has a support system of active users and is free. It’s easily customizable and can be amended at any stage of the developmental process. Open-sourced platforms are much better for businesses that need to adapt and change along the way.

The open-source platform of Laravel also has a strong developer community that provides users with support, helps answer questions, and makes it easy to upgrade your website or application. This makes Laravel framework a great option for beginners looking for a little added help along the way.

Acute Tool Integration

Tool integration
There are hundreds, if not thousands, of various tools that can help you further the development of your business’ application. In some frameworks, integrating these tools is difficult, time consuming, and often comes with a number of performance problems. With Laravel framework, this integration is actually enhanced to help your application perform its best.

Uses a Modular Approach

modular approach
A modular approach is one in which boasts freedom and flexibility while simultaneously enhancing performance. Laravel framework uses a modular approach and makes applications or sites easy to navigate, increases overall user experience, and allows responsive designs to flourish.

MVC Architecture Pattern

MVC Laravel

Model-view-controller allows developers to enhance performance of a website or business application because it boasts transparency between the back-end and front-end of your development. This means that web developers have better idea of the performance and overall project in real-time so they can make necessary changes as they go.

Enhanced Database Migration


If you need to make changes to your database, certain frameworks make it messy and difficult. With Laravel framework, you can make changes as you need to, without sacrificing quality or time. Instead of having to recreate databases for your team to use, everyone can contribute to one master database through seamless migration efforts.

Route Caching

Website performance and site speed plays a large role in the success or failure of a website or business application. When things take too long to load, people will leave your site or try another application. It’s as simple as that. These days, no one has the patience to sit around and wait. The route caching that’s included in Laravel framework makes sure that you get the fastest site speed possible. Just make sure you wait to turn on route caching until you’ve fully developed your application, as doing so too early could result in a lack of certain features when your website is already live.

Better Unit Testing

One thing that you can’t afford to skip is unit testing. Unit testing is done to make sure that your application or website actually does what you built it to do. If you launch your site without testing, you could face quite a few problems. Laravel framework allows for better unit testing so you can check your website performance and make any necessary changes before it goes live.

While we’d love to sit here and focus on all of the advantages, it’s important to make sure and communicate a few of Laravel’s downfalls. For one, like many PHP frameworks, upgrading the application can be problematic, so it’s important to take precautions when doing so. Similarly, upgrading the code can be difficult and the underlying framework is more complex than other frameworks. Aside from these miniscule disadvantages, Laravel still outranks other PHP frameworks.

Why to Use Laravel Framework for Your Business Application

Laravel for business

As you can see, the benefits of using Laravel framework are immense and offer tools for seamless integration across your business. The security features are unbeatable and don’t compromise the overall speed or performance of your business application. For these reasons and more, choosing Laravel framework for your business application is a no brainer. If you’re interested in learning more about Laravel framework, or want to integrate it into your business application, give the professionals at Plego Technologies a call. Our team is highly skilled in Laravel framework and has the expertise you need when creating a successful business application. Call us at 630-541-7929 to talk to one of our team members today.