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Driver Industrial Safety

Driver Industrial Safety – WordPress, JavaScript

Client Profile

For over a century, Driver Industrial Safety – (DIS) has provided quality safety products for diverse industrial and commercial industries. Their extensive background in LED and electronics engineering enables them to deliver market-driven solutions that guarantee safe work environments.

Client Industry


Business Challenges

Driver Industrial Safety sought to infuse new life into their website, requesting modifications for heavy data uploads through WordPress and incorporating a multitude of categories within. They also aspired for an engaging UI design that would reflect the essence of their brand while providing easy access to their products’ resources.


  • Heavy Data Uploads
    Plego leveraged a custom strategy to ensure maximum efficiency for the upload of large data files. Through careful assessment and collaboration with the Driver Industrial Safety – (DIS), Plego tailored their solution specifically based on individual requirements, supporting seamless integration while optimizing server infrastructures and compressing files – all without compromising performance or user experience.
  • Category Organization
    Plego team expertly crafted their information architecture by intuitively grouping content in a way that provided optimum user experience without compromising data integrity.
  • User Experience
    Plego transformed the site, optimizing it for a more engaging user experience. This included improving navigation to make pages easier to find and creating a unified visual style throughout the entire website.
  • The Accessibility of Resources
    Plego devised an innovative solution to streamline the DIS’s customer experience, creating a centralized repository of resources – including a media library, downloads, and instruction manuals. This enabled users to quickly access the information they needed for more meaningful engagement with DIS’s products.
  • Brand Identity
    Plego and Driver Industrial Safety – (DIS) teamed up to craft an online experience that fully encapsulates the spirit of their brand. By unifying custom design elements such as colors, fonts, and images together with its mission statement – Plego created a website distinctively reflective of the DIS’s fundamental values and identity.
  • Efficient CMS Management
    Our team curated a user-friendly site structure, enabling DIS to easily manage their CMS without external support. The intuitive interface and straightforward management tools empowered DIS to maintain and update their site independently, streamlining their workflow and saving valuable time and resources.


The Homepage is designed to provide a comprehensive and authentic account of DIS’s history, values, and products.

Homepage slider

Website features a visually captivating slideshow, an intuitive menu, and a search bar that embodies DIS’s philosophy, all of which encourage users to explore further.

Meet The Brands

This section showcases the brands as well as the products that they have manufactured.


The site includes a section highlighting latest and best-selling safety products, complete with a call-to-action button.


A section specifically designed for distributors, which includes a summary of who they are, links to their social media channels, and various call-to-action buttons to engage users.

Markets Served

The site features a section that lists the markets where CID’s products are manufactured.

Contact Us

The section was developed to highlight the locations where DIS serves, providing contact numbers and hours of operation for each location. Additionally, a simple contact form is available for users to submit any questions they may have.

The website’s footer features a compelling design that reflects the DIS’s brand theme, including individual hyperlinked fields located at the top or center of the page.

About Us

The page highlights following sections.

Meet Brands

A Page was designed to showcase brands, allowing users to explore each brand individually by selecting it. The page’s content is organized to provide users with a clear understanding of each brand’s product offerings and insights.

The Section for Product Specifications.

The section highlights key product details from their brands.

Reference Guide

Benefits of SafetyWhips

Shop Products

We designed the page to display various categories, products, and other information in a clear and organized manner, ensuring that users can easily find what they are looking for without any confusion. Additionally, separate categories were also included for quick and easy access of different product lines.


The main menu item was further divided into two sub-categories.


When a user selects a brand, a section opens containing downloadable brochures with detailed product information. The section also includes a ‘Load More’ icon that provides access to hundreds of additional brochures.

Media Library

A page was created to feature hundreds of graphical representations of different brands.


A PDF catalog was developed that showcases brands with their products and detailed information.

Request a Quote

A form was created to enable vendors or individual sellers to input their details and request a quote.


Technologies Used

WordPress, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3

Services Provided

Website Design & Development