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Plego engaged throughout the collaboration. Their guidance on practical and feasible app capabilities helped produce an optimal product. They made sure everything ran smoothly.

Southeast Side Chicago Park District – iOS, Android apps and website


Client Profile

Covering more than 1,000 acres of land, Chicago’s Southeast Side is home to a diverse wildlife population and rich industrial history. Opportunities for recreation include bike trails, fishing, hiking, birdwatching, and ongoing events provided by the Chicago Park District.

Client Industry


Business Challenges

The parks in Chicago’s Southeast Side were an under-promoted part of the community. The Chicago Park District sought to change that by creating a brand-new mobile app on multiple platforms for visitors to download in order to interactively obtain more information about the park. These platforms would allow the park’s relatively unknown attractions to gain more popularity.


Plego assisted the Chicago Park District in implementing a critical outreach campaign for Chicago’s Southeast Side Parks by creating a new app for both iOS and Android. The new app, called ReQuest, allowed users to interactively explore the public parks located in the southeast side of Chicago. These parks included:

  • Hegewish Marsh

  • Indian Ridge Marsh

  • Big Marsh

This app was part of a larger effort to drive the public to these parks and have them visit the parks for longer periods of time.

Welcome Screen and Menu

Upon downloading the app, users are shown a welcome screen and then taken to a main menu. Based on the park the user is visiting (or wants to learn about), the user selects their preferred SE Side Park.

mobile app development

Once a park is selected, the user is shown a trivia question. The user can either use a hint, skip the question if they don’t know the answer, or click on “Found It!” once they have found the answer.

ios app development

Based on if a hint was used or not, the user is rewarded an appropriate amount of points based on their answer.

Google app development

The user is then presented with useful information about the subject of the trivia question.

Chicago Park District mobile app

The app also lets you create your own ReQuest Profile, view a map of the different locations, and visit the SE Side parks website.

mobile app Chicago Park District

Technologies Used:

iOS, Android

Services Provided

Mobile App Development