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Build a Smarter Tomorrow with Machine Learning


Category: ML / Artificial Intelligence
  • 10FOLD

    Case Study 10FOLD

    Plego crafted an AI solution for 10FOLD that streamlines the process of sorting and analyzing articles, addressing large volumes of data by removing duplicates, classifying content, and identifying key trends. 10FOLD specializes in managing online articles for insightful client reporting. This technology improves their speed and accuracy in producing detailed, ready-to-present visual reports.

  • Koloden

    Case Study Koloden

    Using Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing and Artificial Intelligence, Plego developed an Intellectual Property infringement mitigation platform for Koloden that allows online sellers to Sell Safely, Validate their Products, minimize risk, and achieve a sustainable eCommerce platform.

  • Form

    Case Study Form

    Plego Technologies Developed a beverage sales support application that uses machine learning techniques including OCR and NLG to extract text information from menu cards and segment it automatically.