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Alison from Jessup Manufacturing Inc

They certainly know the technology, but their ability to respond to customers is impressive. The application they created has increased internal productivity and supports with the quality and accuracy of information that is shared publicly. Additionally, traffic to the corporate website has increased. Plego Technologies is service-minded and customer-focused.

Client Profile

Our Client innovates and manufactures adhesive coated films engineered exactly for their clients application. They can custom coat materials client’s supply or source whatever the customer needs. Whether the customer is producing on a large scale or building one aircraft or building at a time, our client’s mixing, coating, converting, packaging, supply chain management, and logistical capabilities provide ingenious and efficient solutions for diverse business challenges.

Client Industry

Non-Slip Safety Materials & Adhesive Coatings

Business Challanges

Our client had come to us seeking help with onsite and offsite search engine optimization for their manufacturing business. They had a large amount of website content, but search traffic was stagnant. Many important keywords that drive traffic were not ranking high for competitive keyword terms relevant to the products and services they offer.

The client needed higher overall traffic from search engines to increase brand exposure, lead generation and get users into the sales funnel.


The client required onsite and offsite optimization including backlinking to build domain trust and increase strength of web page url’s important to the client’s products and services. This included optimizing the large amount of informative blog posts. We performed SEO audits to fix broken links, increase page load speed, move important content towards top of page, add additional keywords to body copy, optimize and compress imagery, optimize title tags and meta descriptions for ranking purposes to increase click through rates.

We also made recommendations on new blog post content (“How to..” articles, “Why use…” articles) that would answer user search questions and drive additional long tail keyword traffic to the site over time.

We also crosslinked important blog page content to recommended / similar content pages throughout the site in order to increase click-through-rates and increase time on site (website stickiness).

Metrics and Results

Our SEO software was also utilized to monitor keyword rankings during 2017 and Google Analytics to compare website traffic for 2017 vs. 2016 from search engines such as Google. Organic user visits increased by 70% and sessions increased by 66%. In aggregate for keywords monitored, keyword rankings increased over 1,800 spots in Google and 1,900 spots in Bing (keywords only counted once they moved into the top 100 spots).

Highly competitive terms such as “grit tapes”, “fabric laminators”, “graphics media”, “photoluminescent tapes”, “skateboard grip tape”, “skateboard tape” moved to within the top 1-2 pages of Bing and/or Google during 2017.

SEO for Manufacturing Company

Services Provided

Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Campaign