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Animated vision offers a range of web-based, interactive applications for sales, marketing and customer service requirements.


Animated Vision

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The Challenge

Animated Vision has a visual planner software that allows its customers to customize their office space by configuring the layout of their office and the furniture within that office through a dynamic web based application.

The customers are guided through a series of prompts that allows them to choose a collection of furniture, layout their office space, choose their accessories and compile all that information into a comprehensive shopping cart.

This visual planner system was built on a MySQL data infrastructure. As the popularity of the software kept growing, a new instance of the database had to be created for each client. This made the system extremely difficult to maintain and manage as there were many different environments on many different servers.

The Solution

Plego was brought in to expand the capacity of the visual planner. Initially, the database for the visual planner was built in MySQL. Each client was given it’s own MySQL database, and each database had to be managed separately.

With the visual planner product experiencing tremendous growth, Plego was brought in to migrate the database to a SQL Server environment and create a relational database that integrated all the customer databases into one single integrated database structure.

Plego was able to redesign the entire database by reviewing the previous database structure. in addition, new features were added to increase efficiency. The database structure was also completely normalized.

Plego enabled the visual planner to continue it’s expansion by migrating the system’s foundation to a more stable and robust data environment. The new database environment made the system more scalable, easier to maintain, and allowed central administration.

Services Provided

Web Apps, Database Development.

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