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Nick S from Fitbit

Plego's virtual event for Fitbit's Sense, Versa, and Inspire product launches was absolutely amazing! The 3D beachside landscape provided a stunning backdrop for our products, and the seamless experience allowed visitors to engage with informative content and our CEO's keynote presentation. Plego truly brought our product launch to life in a whole new dimension.


Fitbit – PHP (Laravel Framework), 3dvista Virtual Tour, MySQL, JavaScript, jQuery.


Client Profile

Fitbit is an American consumer electronics and fitness company. It produces wireless wearable devices, fitness trackers, activity trackers like smartwatches, and pedometers which measure your stress, exercise, sleep, and nutrition, A Technology that fits all together.

Client Industry


Business Challenges

When the world was focused on wellness and pandemic outbreaks had significant social impacts, many live events, conferences, and webinars were shut down. Fitbit needed to produce the right solution to launch their new products and features.

To ensure that its audience got the most out of the experience, Fitbit needed to translate the features of its physical exhibit into a virtual one.


  • Plego (in partnership with EngageVE and Pulse Studios) conceived and designed an immersive Virtual Island experience that allowed visitors to attend a product unveiling at an exotic virtual beachfront location.
  • Plego integrated the latest technologies keeping the vision of “Fitbit” in mind, from naming URL to Hosting Server, designing Login Process and organizing landing pages to on-demand RSVP Reports; everything was well maintained using DBMS.
  • Plego merged a panoramic view and an aerial viewpoint inside an event to give a sense of exact location regardless of distance.
  • Plego effectively developed the graphics to draw attention to the challenges and displayed their products as a solution.

Plego created two different portals within the Web Application, each with its own set of features.


To manage users, an admin portal was created, accompanied by effective UI/UX designs.


The main dashboard’s layout offers a category of Reports with an embedded Thumbnail Internal link.


Data analytics uncovers the users’ identities, origins, and duration of engagement on the platform.


Another Portal was created for users. They get into the event through a specific email address that allows them to browse, explore and increase their experience with 3D products and services within a very appealing interface.


A Beach view with soothing music and a Navigation menu bar represent appealing 3D visuals to convey wellness.

Users can move around the event in separate ways, such as;

  • Click and drag to have a 360 view.
  • Click on the Highlighted areas to move around.
  • The mouse scroll can help you zoom in and out.
  • Chat

Key Note

The first item of the navigation menu contains an embedded video link that allows consumers to virtually meet Fitbit’s fall 2020 lineup.

Product Illustration

The most in-demand products along with fact sheets are displayed in this section.
Each product (specifically the smartwatch) is embedded with a link to enhance the user’s real-time experience.

Visitors to the virtual store could browse 3D simulations of actual variables and may redirect to their eCommerce store upon a click and buy the product.

Future Fit

A section is allocated with embedded video links to share the problems and offer solutions through engaging video sessions where Influencers discuss the significance of future variables and their growth rate.

Mind Fit

Through an important embedded video lecture, a section is provided to help people comprehend the science of stress and the remedies advised to combat that emotion.

Heart Fit

A section with multiple links displaying AFib fact sheet and average human heart state, streamed to aware visitors about healthy heart.

Fitbit’s featured solution of monitoring, tracking, and instant results with respect to a healthy heart are also presented with a redirectable product purchase link.

Heart rate technology evolution timeline.

Body Fit

Visitors may relieve stress while taking in the scenery, and by clicking on the highlighted item, they can learn more about yoga, meditation, and other exercises.

Technologies Used

PHP (Laravel Framework), MySQL, 3dvista Virtual Tour, JQuery, JavaScript

Services Provided

Virtual Events, Application Development