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Alison from Jessup Manufacturing Inc

They certainly know the technology, but their ability to respond to customers is impressive. The application they created has increased internal productivity and supports with the quality and accuracy of information that is shared publicly. Plego Technologies is service-minded and customer-focused.


Jessup – A Custom Quote Management Portal

Client Profile

Jessup innovates and manufactures adhesive coated films engineered exactly for your application. Jessup can custom coat materials you supply or source whatever you need. Whether you’re producing on a large scale or building one aircraft or building at a time, Jessup’s mixing, coating, converting, packaging, supply chain management, and logistical capabilities provide ingenious and efficient solutions for diverse business challenges.

Client Industry

Action Sports, Safety & Non Slip Treads

Business Challenges

The Custom Quote Management Portal was created to streamline Jessup’s quote creation process. Before the development of this web application, Jessup’s sales staff had to go through multiple steps and various file locations in order to create a single quote. This often took multiple days to compile and send out to their customers. Plego’s application made this entire quote creation process more efficient throughout Jessup’s organization.


With The Quote Management System, Jessup can:

  • Respond to customer quote requests within minutes, not days
  • Reduced an amount of time staff spends performing manual data collection
  • Get real time data from their company ERP (Visual ERP in this case)
  • Customized pricing by customer
  • Customize the output and design of any quote

Quote Creation

The quote creation process is simple and intuitive. The following is a demonstration of the main functions of Custom Quote Management Portal.

Login to the password protected quote management system and then from your dashboard, click on product selector to choose the items that are needed in the quote

Company Dashboard Application Development

Product Search

  • Select the product series or categories you would like to include in the quote
  • Individually select the items you want in your quote or simply select all
  • Confirm the number of items in your quote
  • If correct, click next to proceed

Product Search Application Development

Quote Detail

  • On the product detail page you can customize your quote to fit your customer’s needs.
  • The main output of the custom quote application is going to be a spreadsheet with all the data attributes listed and a folder with all the associated assets including spec sheets, safety sheets, different image types. If it were not for this system, these items would have taken a single person days to gather.
  • Customize the output by:
    • Rearranging the field order
    • Hiding fields
    • Adding and combining custom columns

Quote Detail Application for Jessup Manufacturing

  • Create custom pricing for the customer and enable specified discounts for different quantity levels
  • Change data specifically for the quote
  • When satisfied with the quote, click save, give your quote a client and a name, and then proceed to the dashboard

Quote Management

Quote Management

From the dashboard, in the left column, you can manage your quotes by:

  • Cloning them, if you need a quick reproduction of an older quote
  • View and edit an existing quote
  • Find your quote and export the downloadable data, which will include a spreadsheet of all product data, and all assets associated with the quote, linked within the spreadsheet.

Download a Quote

When downloaded, simply unzip the files. From here you will see a spreadsheet with your customized data. All assets are categorized by folder and asset type.

Your quote is now done, simply take the zip file and upload or email it to you customer. What could’ve taken someone days has been configured and delivered in less than 5 minutes!

Technologies Used

.NET, SQL Server, Visual ERPFront end scripting languages

Services Provided

Microsoft Application Development Services