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Dan Loris from SolarCode

We have been working with Plego for the past two years. They have been a trusted and cost-effective partner in all of our projects. They have met our expectations and were communicative during each project. If you are looking for a partner that is knowledgable, innovative, and flexible in web design/development Plego is the right fit for you.

Client Profile

Solarcode is a design/build powerplant developer providing the development, construction, and maintenance of their Solar-based Power Plants for their clients as well as provide electricity to the wholesale power market, the “grid.” The following is a summary of their technology.
  • A Solar Collector with heat transfer A concentrator is used to conserve the sunlight and direct it into the proper storage Systems.
  • Storage Systems A receiver that absorbs that energy.
  • Conversion Systems & Steam Systems A thermal battery with simultaneous charge and discharge capability for storage.
This innovative thermal energy system is not only non-hazardous but non-corrosive and extensively cost effective. These qualities not only make it unique among such of previous technologies available but in addition to that, it can serve as a provider of renewable energy globally alongside high affordability.

Client Industry

Renewable energy

Business Challenges

The most important factor with a startup is to market it in compulsive ways so as to enlighten the target audience. As a growing initiative, the Company (Solarcode) lacked a platform which sealed their legitimacy such as a website.


Plego stepped in to provide them a platform where they can proudly showcase their work. Plego curated a website for Using WordPress as a medium, SolarCode’s first website was launched with the following sections:
  • Homepage
    • Considering that it’s the first sight for the consumer, the homepage was given a uniqueness that suited SolarCode
    • We installed animated graphics which illustrated the functionality of the Solar Plant’s adaptation to different conditions during the day.
    • This presented SolarCode as a User-Friendly site as it gave the consumers information about their main product and its function as well.
  • Technology
    • The Technology page consisted of detailed infographics for cost savings, energy output and ecological benefits of the product.
    • Subpages were curated to emphasize on the technology behind the spin off products inclusive of WasteCode, HydroCode and AquaCode
  • About Us
    • The About Us section presented bit size information regarding the company and its associate technology.
    • Mission statement was plonked on the site with prominence on the company’s green initiatives.
Full screen animated imagery and parallax scrolling was used.

Technologies Used

WordPress, Javascript, HTML5, CSS3

Services Provided

Website Design & Development