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Karin from ISASS

We had a wonderful experience with Plego. Their design ideas were wonderful for our new website and their team was amazing to work with!


ISASS: WordPress Website Design and Development

Client Profile

ISASS is an international Society of Spine Surgeons dedicated to advancing the major evolutionary steps in spine surgery. Their aim is to help, facilitate, accommodate, support the surgeons, scientists, inventors, associated specialists, doctors, nurses and treat the patients with spine difficulties by using new technologies.

Client Industry

Health Care

Business Challenges

  • ISASS had an antiquated website with older designs and layouts that needed a complete revamp.
  • Even though the previous site was built on WordPress, it was still difficult to update and manage.
  • The previous ISASS site wasn’t intuitive, information was hard to find, and it was not easy to navigate.
  • Membership signup, payments and management was cumbersome at best.


Plego Technologies designed, developed and implemented a brand-new web presence for ISASS via WordPress.

The Features of the website include the following:

  • Ability to easily manage memberships.
  • Integrating Strong, Safe, and Reliable Payment Methods.
  • Strong Layout and Page Designs developed to attract Surgeons and Doctors around the Globe, Resulting in their increased participation in Annual Conferences.
  • Plego Technologies enabled multiple avenues to increase the revenue, which included;
    • Sponsored Content on the Website
    • Membership Fees
    • Registration Fees for Annual Conferences
  • Plego also helped researchers to present proposals among the International Society
  • Details of Abstract Guidelines summarized in simple yet elegant and creative layout.
  • Educational material include;
    • Videos for Surgical and Non-Surgical Spine treatments.
    • Medical Images integration
    • Detail of Past, Current, and Upcoming Webinars.
  • Our main goal was to present content so that it creates excitement among website Visitors.


Home Page – A Complete Guide

Plego Technologies with ISASS built the strategy to focus mainly on four activities, including;

  • Advocacy – Aims to influence decisions on a neutral level.
  • ISASS Annual Conference – Focuses to organize annual conferences to retain dominancy.
  • IJSS Journal – Submission of Quality Abstracts for the global advancement.
  • Membership – Aspire to influence technology advancements while providing special access, discounts, and Privileges to the Members.


This section provides details about ISASS including their organizational history, mission statement, Board of Directors, past Presidents and their Strategic Leadership Committee.

About ISASS includes:


  • A dedicated group of international surgeons joined forces and launched this society in 2000.
  • This society further evolved with digitization by spreading the network globally through their presence on the web.


  • Blocks are dedicated to the partner Information with a link to relevant information.


  • Reviews from participating Surgeons and other partners have been incorporated into this section.



  • Filter with Categories, Tags, and Authors is installed for convenience.

The Advocacy Section includes;


  • A complete public policy statement.


  • Policy Statements, Press Releases, and news regarding healthcare are presented here.


The Education Section helps users and members understand research-based information.

Important Sections are;

Vertebral Column

  • Information regarding vertebral column can be viewed with 3D Flipbook.


  • Latest Covid related developments are presented here.


  • Past, Current, and Upcoming Webinars are highlighted.

Educational Videos

  • 150+ educational videos are made available in this section.
  • ISASS let Visitors / Non-Members to view up to 16 videos.

Sponsored Content

  • Third-party sponsored content available here.


  • Separate section created to provide detailed information regarding past, current and upcoming conferences. Including schedule, program, location and committee information.

International Journal Of Spine Surgery – IJSS

  • International Journal of Spine Surgery has also been integrated to highlight latest and archived issues related to the spine surgery.

For Patients

  • A Page Dedicated to Patients with up-to-date Information regarding the treatments below;

My Medical Images

  • Plego Technologies has also integrated ISASS with MYMEDICALIMAGES Platform for patients to upload pictures of Spine Ultrasounds and Reports for inspection before an appointment.

Spine Conditions | Surgical Spine Treatment | Non-Surgical Spine Treatment

  • Sub dropdown shows the complex information in a simplified segregated manner.
  • External links have also been embedded for redirection.

Spine Conditions

Surgical Spine Treatments

Non-Surgical Spine Treatments


  • Membership packages vary from Surgeons to the Residents and Allied Health Professionals to Individuals from emerging countries.

  • The Reasons, Benefits, Importance, Perks, and Privileges are described innovatively with flyers and forms design.

Technologies Used:

WordPressPHP, MySQLJavaScript, jQuery.

Services Provided:

Website Design & DevelopmentIntegration