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Sones de México

Sones de México– WordPress, PHP, MySQL, jQuery, JavaScript

Sones de México Logo

Client Profile

Since 1994, Sones de México, a Mexican folk music group, has specialized in and promoted Mexican folk music and artistic styles, such as huapango, gustos, chilenas, son jarocho, and more. Soon after, the group became a non-profit organization to preserve the tradition of Mexican “son” in its various regional forms.

The team is committed to teaching. The ensemble members reach out to young and old with many of their educational programs nationwide.

Client Industry

Education and Entertainment

Business Challenges

Sones de Mexico required a comprehensive facelift to bring the website up-to-date with modern security standards and technology integration.

The redesign included creating an improved WordPress backend that ensured protection from cyber threats, as well as utilizing cutting edge aspects like Facebook calendar events and analytics.


  • Plego revamped the site keeping its legacy, intent, and folk music roots in mind.
  • We installed an SSL certificate to improve security, integrity, and authentications in preventing security breaches.
  • Plego resolved critical Bugs with the highest priority and the severity.
  • Our UI developers worked to ensure seamless designs while the Backend developers maintained the database and server while integrating various features.
  • Plego integrated Analytics to measure unique visitors, streamline the intricate reporting process, and configure tasks using APIs.
  • We redesigned the events calendar to engage the social media audience and integrated it with the Facebook events section.


The site highlights the summary at the top along with social media Icons.

The navigation menu prominently features an eye-catching logo and has key sections like About, Band, School, Outreach, Booking, and Contact.

The menu also has two buttons labeled “Newsletter” for saving emails and “Donate” for donors, which redirect users to the PayPal website for donating. Additionally, A search bar was also added for a quick search.

Dynamic Slider

In addition to clickable thumbnails that drive users to the school section, we incorporated dynamic sliders with changing content.

Area of Interest

Their interests are highlighted in a section with clickable thumbnails, such as the concert calendar, music store, education outreach, and Mexican Music School.


The home page also includes a section with information on the band’s history and mission, as well as the CTA button “Donate,” which may take the user to an external PayPal payment page.

Latest News

The Latest News or Press releases are featured in the simple yet attractive Section.


Three Sub-sections represent the Social Media Icons for connection, Integration with the Facebook calendar, and Our supporters to endorse the donors.


From History to Sponsors, The About page has covered it all.


This section, together with the Query box, justifies the Objective, Vision, and Core Values.


The custom-based section was created with a Timeline outlining each specific detail since 1994.

The Band

There are two sections on this page.


A Slider illustrates how the group evolved with each passing year.


The profiles of each former or active member are featured in the second portion of this page, together with information about their role and service history.

Board Members

The biographies of the board members are included in this Section.

News Section

The Section focuses on every news related to their group with a button to redirect users to the page of the official press release.


Additionally, a page with a button that links to the sponsors’ website is set aside to acknowledge the sponsors for their support of the cause.


This page contains information related to Mexican events and stores.

Upcoming Events

A page’s layout includes a timeline, as well as information about past and upcoming events.

Music Store

The Page displays the Music store, from which users may download recorded albums from embedded links within icons of platforms such as iTunes, CD baby, and amazon.

Our School

This Section seamlessly covers entire content related to Mexican folk music including Drop-ins Sessions, Camps/Workshops, Private Lessons, and Online Classes.

School Video

A video is included in the segment that visually represents How the mystical music of the Sones de Mexico school works.

From private lessons to online programs, Students may find all they need in this section, which is integrated with the calendar, displays location, and collects tuition.


An outreach section aims to help, uplift, support, and encourage every child from the community, regardless of their background.


Several educational outreach initiatives and services are highlighted in the slider, including workshops, assembly performances, lectures, teachers in service, and college courses.

The page contains a section with several embedded thumbnail links that compel users to explore the programs.


From Menus to Venues, The Booking Section covers large-scale events, Children’s Shows, Educational presentations, and In-School Programs.

Video Summary

The embedded video within the page represents the group and their educational Mexican music Projects.

Want to know More

A “Want to know More” section allows users to schedule their event with essential fields along with their contact number and email address.

Stage Plot

This section contains a pre-described PDF file with detailed information about the concert stage’s dimensions and width.

Contact Us

Form where essential links to the concerts, workshops, and events are embedded. A sub-section with complete information about the band is also set aside. Additionally, there is a “Donate Today!” button that redirects donors to the payment gateway.

Technologies Used

WordPress, PHP, MySQL, JQuery, JavaScript

Services Provided

Web Design & Development