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By immersing them in your brand, touchscreens can provide an engaging experience and meaningful connection beyond simply selling a product or service. Plego is a leading provider of interactive experiences. We help our clients create memorable brand experiences that connect with their customers emotionally and make them stand out from the rest.

Not only do our designs look great and draw in a crowd, but they also provide a valuable opportunity for businesses to interact with current and potential customers.


Omni-Channel Delivery


Live streams, sports updates, and other important information come to you with complete reliability thanks to our unique blend of in-house apps that run on a network-connected device.

With a unified, seamless experience across all devices, we ensure that your interface remains consistent. Also, there’s no need for an internet connection as long as it has power; this means quicker viewing speeds than ever!

From large screen to mobile screen, Plego offers an omnichannel solution that keeps your customers busy and connected with your product or service through the content on any screen.

Progressive Web-Solutions

A PWA is an excellent option for creating any experience you can imagine. You can include videos, PDFs, presentations as well 3D models AR or VR experiences! It’s possible thanks to PWA – (Progressive Web App), an app built using Google chrome Kiosk mode, specifically for touchscreens.

PWA enables the experience to be run full screen, neither see the browser menu and scroll bars nor do your potential users have scroll bars blocking their view while browsing.

The app can be run over the internet or locally based on the bandwidth available at the location.


Retail Digital Signage Solutions

The digital age has changed how we communicate with our customers, and interactive screens are at center stage. Interactive experiences provide an innovative way of engaging consumers.

You can improve your business by incorporating brick-and-mortar stores into an online experience with retail digital signage.

The new trend is helping retailers stay ahead of the competition while providing shoppers with personalized service tailored just for them! With years of experience in retailing signage, we’ve got all sorts of innovative ideas up our sleeve!

Let our experts extend your brand experience while enabling in-store e-commerce with an interactive digital screen.


Empowering Management for the Modern Workplace


Save your staff time and ensure a smooth experience for guests by using our interactive touch screen solutions. With lobby check-in and wayfinding signage in meeting rooms, our Interactive touch screen solutions for visitor management will make your guests feel welcome and give you time to focus on other tasks.

Our interactive displays provide an easy way of checking people in, guiding them around the building or meeting room environment, and providing information about what is going down at any given moment!

Let Plego manage your meetings, increase efficiencies, and eliminate confusion by displaying room schedules outside each conference or huddle-room door with interactive digital displays.

Restaurant Self-Ordering and Interactive Menu Boards

With Plego’s digital menu boards, you can offer your customers rewards like coupons or free appetizers while testing different pricing schemes. You’ll be able to show specials easily and affordably with these systems with video capability – it’s all controlled from the web browser on any device!

Guests will be more likely to order if they can see what’s on the menu, and our interactive touch screen solutions allow you to free up your staff so that no one goes unnoticed. Keep your menu fresh and exciting for customers, enticing them to come back time and again. The effects of this are:

  • Update your menus right from your web browser with no programming required.
  • Automatically change your menus on different target dates and times.
  • More sales.
  • Enhanced operations.
  • Simpler guest experiences.
  • Entertain customers online to make their wait seem shorter.

Touch Interactive & UWP Solutions

Plego wants to give you and your users a sense of touch in digital life. Our touch solutions let you naturally interact with the content on your screen, just like you would in the real world. Whether touch typing on a virtual keyboard or playing a game, our touch solutions make your digital life more intuitive and fun.

Plego has provided Interactive solutions to customers around the globe using Windows UWP, Android, and iOS technologies with features including:

  • Restaurant review submissions and reservations.
  • On-demand information about services & accommodations.
  • Interactive surveys or social media streams.
  • Performable solutions for any device with any operating system.
  • Unique features such as motion detection and multi-touch support.
  • Robust customer service and support infrastructure.

The Custom Video Wall Solutions


Imagine being able to transform any space into an entertaining hot spot that captivates audiences in every corner of your venue! Plego can execute such with interactive video walls, which are rapidly becoming a common feature in many settings. From malls and office lobbies to waiting rooms or car dealerships, Users can find these interactive panels so immersive! Our creative team will collaborate closely and build customized functionality throughout the process.

Not only will patrons be mesmerized by the display, but our wall solutions can be custom to meet all sizes and dec-built needs. Our solutions cover:

  • Control room video walls.
  • Digital signage video walls.
  • Large and immersive video walls.
  • Artistic video walls.
  • Office video walls.
  • Information and announcements.
  • KPIs to track metrics and share data for analysis and decision-making.

Kiosk Display Solutions


An interactive kiosk display solution is the perfect way to engage customers and provide them with information. With a sleek and stylish design, these displays are perfect for any business or retail setting.

We provide best-in-class interactive kiosk display solutions that engage and inform your customers. From wayfinding and directories to customer service and self-service applications, our kiosks are designed to meet the specific needs of your business.

Plego team specializes in:

  • Working closely with you to create a custom solution that fits your budget and brand.
  • Providing a wide range of services to help you turn your business into a kiosk powerhouse.
  • Content creation, hardware and software integration, installation, and ongoing support.
  • Using cutting-edge technology to create the perfect kiosk solution for your business needs.

Digital Wayfinding Solutions

Ever wondered what it would be like to organize digital tours for your customers and let them visit your office, museums, or events? Let your customers explore the world around you with a customized tour experience that’s interactive, visual, and auditory. Our digital wayfinding solutions offer analytics functionality to measure performance and visitor demographics so businesses can target their marketing efforts more effectively while providing information in different languages within tours for everyone on site. Our wayfinding solutions cover:

  • Educational, Real estate, and Healthcare industries.
  • Interactive maps for apartments.
  • Neighborhood maps.
  • Integration with reservation or scheduling systems.

Interactive Profit Solution


Multiple streams of income are the key to a successful business. Businesses need ways for their profits not only to come from one source but many sources to ensure they can survive any economic cycle and grow with time! Plego very well knows the fact.

Plego incorporates such ideas into the touch solutions, which provides advertisers and suppliers with the ability to display videos, TVC adverts as well printable shopping lists for instant impact on consumers’ prior purchases, making our solution cost neutral or even providing an additional advertising channel/revenue stream which will benefit you and your consumers in the long run!

Features you get:

  • Customizable player skins.
  • Pre-roll, mid-roll, and post-roll video ads.
  • Support for multiple languages.
  • Turnkey integration with a leading video ad platform.
  • Maximize your earning potential with our innovative and customized interactive solution.

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