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Category: eCommerce
  • Sensaphonics

    Case Study Sensaphonics

    Plego created a virtual training platform for Sensaphonics, mirroring their traditional in-person seminars. Sensaphonics specializes in tailored earphones for noise protection. The course simplified access to training and obtaining certificate for audiologists. The switch not only brought in additional revenue but also enhanced the regular interaction with clients, benefiting both Sensaphonics and the audiologists.

  • Elkay

    Case Study Elkay

    Through the use of Magento, Plego created an online Product Catalog for Elkay that seamlessly integrated with Adobe Experience Manager and Microsoft Dynamics. This created the ability for Elkay’s full Product Catalog, along with accompanying specs, instructions and other downloads to be fully available online.

  • Franklin Covey

    Case Study Franklin Covey

    Plego’s implemented a multi site Magento strategy for Franklin Covey. Each site had a different theme, purpose, and mission but shared the same Magento 2 backend.

  • The National Alliance

    Case Study The National Alliance

    Plego designed and developed a Magento 2 based eCommerce website for this client. This site is a portal for insurance professionals to sign up for and take continuing education courses.

  • EventStand

    Case Study EventStand

    Plego designed and developed a new web presence for EventStand. From conferences to meetings to events, EventStand is where people can inform, discover and be part of events that inspire, empower, delight and unite.

  • Hollywood Blvd Cinema

    Case Study Hollywood Blvd Cinema

    Plego migrated the Hollywood Blvd Cinema website from a cumbersome proprietary CMS to a WordPress platform. This allowed for a user-friendly seat selection and ticket purchasing for movie goers and more efficient website management for their staff.

  • Rxeed

    Case Study Rxeed

    Plego designed and developed a brand new web application via the Laravel PHP Framework. This web application was developed for three specific types of users.

  • Koloden

    Case Study Koloden

    Using Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing and Artificial Intelligence, Plego developed an Intellectual Property infringement mitigation platform for Koloden that allows online sellers to Sell Safely, Validate their Products, minimize risk, and achieve a sustainable eCommerce platform.

  • RFC Express

    Case Study RFC Express

    RFC Express provides access to public lawsuit filings retrieved from the U.S. Federal District Courts and from