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  • LeaseFHS

    Case Study LeaseFHS

    Plego developed a customized CRM system for LeaseFHS, a real estate company, to assist its sales representatives in staying on target with the right deals and tracking leads. The CRM empowered their administrators to efficiently handle client bookings, send invoices via the reservation module, monitor client payments, streamline the sales process, and gain valuable insights.

  • Our Place

    Case Study Our Place

    Plego assisted Ourplace, a non-profit supporting teens and adults with IDD, in revamping their website to enhance user experience, increase engagement and donations, and project a contemporary image. This digital transformation of Ourplace's program archives helped them effectively promote their mission and society.

  • AmeriPro

    Case Study AmeriPro

    Plego created a state-of-the-art mobile app for Ameripro, a top residential roofing company, streamlining data recording and lead generation for their sales reps in remote and disaster-affected areas, facilitating efficient prospect management, scheduling, real-time insights, and detailed visit logs, ultimately conserving time and effort.

  • Sephora

    Case Study Sephora

    Plego created a virtual event for Sephora, a global beauty company, offering an immersive community experience featuring 3D interactive images to showcase Sephora's products, along with a unique system that rewarded participants with NFTs and Beauty Insider points for their gaming skills throughout the event.

  • LSK121

    Case Study LSK121

    Plego developed an interactive Mobile app for LSK121 Oral Prosthetics (A national state of the art dental laboratory). The app provided dentists the ability to capture and record both tooth shade and smile selections of patients in real-time. This solution enhanced LSK's process workflow by offering real-time solutions for Dentists, while also driving continuous innovation within the industry.

  • Whizcribs

    Case Study Whizcribs

    Plego crafted a brilliant vision and designed an innovative app for Whizcribs that encompasses all the necessary aspects of gifting - smart product, custom-branded gift cards, in-home delivery service as well as insightful analytics with customer support. A Mobile app that lets users record send, and track gift cards wherever, whenever, all together in a very simple way.

  • Advocate Construction

    Case Study Advocate Construction

    Plego designed and developed a brand new website for Advocate. We separated the content between their service lines and their recruiting operations. This two prong approach helped achieve Advocate’s mission of growth from multiple avenues.

  • Sensaphonics

    Case Study Sensaphonics

    Plego created a virtual training platform for Sensaphonics, mirroring their traditional in-person seminars. Sensaphonics specializes in tailored earphones for noise protection. The course simplified access to training and obtaining certificate for audiologists. The switch not only brought in additional revenue but also enhanced the regular interaction with clients, benefiting both Sensaphonics and the audiologists.

  • Chicago Park District

    Case Study Chicago Park District

    Plego assisted CPD in implementing critical outreach campaign for Chicago’s Southeast Side Park by creating new website and app for both iOS and Android.

  • Jessup Manufacturing

    Case Study Jessup Manufacturing

    Jessup Manufacturing had multiple brands of products, each having their own website. Plego took on the initiative of creating one cohesive online brand strategy.

  • Shobha Salons

    Case Study Shobha Salons

    By using the Millennium SDK and another third party API’s, Plego created a fully eCommerce web presence for Shobha Salons. The new site allowed users to purchase products and book appointments directly to Shobha’s Millennium system.

  • Elkay

    Case Study Elkay

    Through the use of Magento, Plego created an online Product Catalog for Elkay that seamlessly integrated with Adobe Experience Manager and Microsoft Dynamics. This created the ability for Elkay’s full Product Catalog, along with accompanying specs, instructions and other downloads to be fully available online.


    Case Study ISASS

    Plego redesigned and developed the ISASS website with a brand new, modern and responsive interface. With an emphasis on promoting their annual member conferences and new and existing member management, Plego enabled ISASS to be a hub for their membership base.

  • EventStand

    Case Study EventStand

    Plego designed and developed a new web presence for EventStand. From conferences to meetings to events, EventStand is where people can inform, discover and be part of events that inspire, empower, delight and unite.

  • Tuftile

    Case Study Tuftile

    Plego optimized Driver Industrial Safety's site by refining data upload and UI, creating a centralized resource repository, and crafting a custom design that reflects DIS's brand identity, all while empowering them with an efficient CMS management system.

  • Hollywood Blvd Cinema

    Case Study Hollywood Blvd Cinema

    Plego migrated the Hollywood Blvd Cinema website from a cumbersome proprietary CMS to a WordPress platform. This allowed for a user-friendly seat selection and ticket purchasing for movie goers and more efficient website management for their staff.

  • SolarCode

    Case Study SolarCode

    Plego developed a WordPress website for Solarcode. Solarcode is a design/build powerplant developer providing the development, construction, and maintenance of their Solar-based Power Plants for their clients as well as provide electricity to the wholesale power market, the “grid.”

  • EngageVE

    Case Study EngageVE

    Plego designed and developed a brand new website for EngageVE via WordPress containing dynamic 3D models to demonstrate the capability of EngageVE’s virtual and hybrid events.

  • Driver Industrial Safety

    Case Study Driver Industrial Safety

    Plego optimized Driver Industrial Safety's site by refining data upload and UI, creating a centralized resource repository, and crafting a custom design that reflects DIS's brand identity, all while empowering them with an efficient CMS management system.


    Case Study SMISS

    Plego redesigned the SMISS website from the ground up. The site enabled membership management functionality in order to allow users to join SMISS, manage their member status, and update their profile.

  • Gilead

    Case Study Gilead

    Plego revolutionized Gilead's training with a captivating and resourceful Virtual Training Center. This virtual hub provided courses in an immaculate replica of their physical environment, giving employees the most realistic learning experience possible.

  • Renesas

    Case Study Renesas

    Plego transformed the way customers experience Renesas products, services and literature with interactive 3D photo-realistic images accompanied by virtual networking via a 360° visibility platform. This innovative solution enabled efficient information sharing between participants to foster deeper connections with their brand.

  • bareMinerals

    Case Study bareMinerals

    Plego modified the customer experience by developing an incredible Virtual Villa for BareMinerals. This interactive 3D space features photo-realistic images and real-time 360° visibility, allowing customers to gain a better understanding of their products, services and literature while Hailey Bieber takes them on a guided tour - all contributing towards promoting brand awareness with efficient product pitching.

  • MxD

    Case Study MxD

    Plego's pioneering engineering enabled MxD to construct a virtual replica of their factory, providing tailored booths and conference forums for Partners to virtually market their offerings.

  • BHHS

    Case Study BHHS

    Through Plego, BHHS attendees were granted the amazing opportunity to interact with an expo from any location. Highly realistic replicas of the lobby, exhibitor booths and networking lounge enabled participants to virtually explore this event in a single digital space.

  • Children's Museum

    Case Study Children's Museum

    Plego created a multilingual creative virtual studio or TV production application to showcase children’s potential by creating and publishing professional news programs

  • Interactive Periodic Table

    Case Study Interactive Periodic Table

    Plego crafted a comprehensive and engrossing application that utilized custom features to captivate school kids, encouraging them to explore the periodic table.

  • Fitbit

    Case Study Fitbit

    Plego (along with EngageVE and Pulse Studios) conceived and designed an immersive Virtual Island experience that allowed visitors to attend a product unveiling at an exotic virtual beachfront location.

  • Wipro

    Case Study Wipro

    Plego created a fully customized 3D Virtual Event where the objective was to provide an immersive global experience beyond a traditional webinar, allowing attendees to explore different venues and develop better business relationships to endure brand loyalty.

  • Furniture Home Store

    Case Study Furniture Home Store

    Plego created an in-store, touch screen product catalog app that allowed Furniture Homestore guests to browse and search their entire product collections.

  • Form

    Case Study Form

    Plego Technologies Developed a beverage sales support web application that uses machine learning techniques including OCR and NLG to extract text information from menu cards and segment it automatically.

  • Digitrac Systems

    Case Study Digitrac Systems

    Plego designed and developed a custom cloud-based inventory, warranty and tracking web application for Digitrac Systems. This solution allowed the client to integrate all their processes previously held within spreadsheets and emails into a robust, efficient, dynamic and real-time cloud application.

  • EngageVE

    Case Study EngageVE

    EngageVE is a one-stop solution for virtual and hybrid event management. Their aim was to help event organizers to create scalable virtual events and hybrid events that rival the experience of live in-person events.

  • ZS Associates

    Case Study ZS Associates

    ZS Associates tasked Plego (in partnership with Pulse Studios and EngageVE) to create an engaging online hub that could be used as 3D Virtual Meeting Space for prospective clients as well as a place to host internal events.

  • Posh

    Case Study Posh

    Plego designed and delivered a state-of-the-art eCommerce platform to empower vendors, sellers, and users with the necessary tools to reach their highest potential.

  • Union Insurance Group

    Case Study Union Insurance Group

    Plego developed a custom cloud-based application to manage, track and process commercial insurance processes for UIG. UIG is the largest agency in United States specializing in commercial insurance for labor organizations.

  • Federal Bonding Program

    Case Study Federal Bonding Program

    Plego was tasked to develop a custom web application to manage Client’s Federal Bonding Program (FBP). The mission of the Federal Bonding Program (FBP) is to give employers peace of mind by bonding job candidates considered to be higher risk.

  • Magic Chef

    Case Study Magic Chef

    Plego designed and developed a cloud based Inventory and Forecasting web application that was integrated with Magic Chef’s ERP system for real time data access.

  • Rxeed

    Case Study Rxeed

    Plego designed and developed a brand new web application via the Laravel PHP Framework. This web application was developed for three specific types of users.

  • Koloden

    Case Study Koloden

    Using Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing and Artificial Intelligence, Plego developed an Intellectual Property infringement mitigation platform for Koloden that allows online sellers to Sell Safely, Validate their Products, minimize risk, and achieve a sustainable eCommerce platform.

  • AmeriPro

    Case Study AmeriPro

    Plego developed a mobile application for Ameripro using cutting edge mobile technology from Microsoft called Power Apps. The app allowed the sales representatives to generate leads on their site visits by recording and sharing information about potential clients.

  • Longo Corporation

    Case Study Longo Corporation

    Plego designed and developed a simple yet smart app that allows field employee at Longo to do their work more efficiently, on time, and with greater accuracy.

  • Chicago Park District

    Case Study Chicago Park District

    Plego assisted the Chicago Park District in implementing a critical outreach campaign for Chicago’s Southeast Side Parks by creating a new app for both iOS and Android.

  • Sears

    Case Study Sears

    Plego Successfully regulated resources at Sears and automated their workflow, enabling them to maintain their eCommerce cloud infrastructure while overcoming budget constraints.

  • Space center

    Case Study Space center

    Plego revolutionized the application with an AI Piloting system, multiple kiosks and a star map - creating innovative experiences for kids to explore their favorite planets through simulated flight.

  • RPHI

    Case Study RPHI

    Plego developed an innovative and cost-efficient solution to digitize RPHI's logbook system, streamlining the process of onboarding new TPAs and generating 340b reports with ease.

  • HLC

    Case Study HLC

    Plego embarked on a challenging mission to bring HLC's site up-to-date. This involved exporting an extensive database of information, implementing eye-catching new designs utilizing the latest theme technology and installing Joomla 4 CMS with its data seamlessly integrated into the system.

  • Sones de Mexico

    Case Study Sones de Mexico

    Plego revamped the site of Sones de Mexico to include a secured WordPress backend and utilizes a custom integration with Facebook's calendar events and analytics api's.

  • Franklin Covey

    Case Study Franklin Covey

    Plego’s implemented a multi site Magento strategy for Franklin Covey. Each site had a different theme, purpose, and mission but shared the same Magento 2 backend.

  • The National Alliance

    Case Study The National Alliance

    Plego designed and developed a Magento 2 based eCommerce website for this client. This site is a portal for insurance professionals to sign up for and take continuing education courses.

  • Wausau Homes

    Case Study Wausau Homes

    Plego developed a custom SugarCRM based solution for Wausau Homes. Plego took a base CRM platform and implemented the Wausau five-step process. Wausau Homes is a custom, new home construction company in the United States.

  • Massage Envy, LLC

    Case Study Massage Envy, LLC

    Massage Envy was required to produce data about thousands of their customers. This data needed to be produced by an independent source that had an expert knowledge of the Millennium back-end database structure. Massage Envy engaged Plego to produce the data requested.

  • Music Publisher

    Case Study Music Publisher

    Plego was contracted to upgrade and migrate the Magento based online stores for Warner’s music artists. All of the artist stores had to be migrated to a Cloud environment for the sake of scalability and security.

  • Scan Am

    Case Study Scan Am

    Plego created a web application for Scan AM, that automated the process of hospital care technicians to respond to immediate patient needs in most timely and efficient manner.

  • M&S Technologies

    Case Study M&S Technologies

    Through extensive collaboration with industry-leading pediatric ophthalmologists, Plego developed a custom ERM Application for the Pediatric Ophthalmology practice which is committed to bringing high quality, highly accurate computerized vision testing products.

  • RFC Express

    Case Study RFC Express

    RFC Express provides access to public lawsuit filings retrieved from the U.S. Federal District Courts and from

  • FPIF

    Case Study FPIF

    Plego revamped FPIF’s entire online presence. This was accomplished by creating a dynamic Website that enabled them full content control, document upload capability, and announcement broadcasting, along with designing a new and modern logo that established their brand identity.

  • Vucko Law

    Case Study Vucko Law

    Plego developed a new web presence for Vucko Law with an attractive and a user friendly interface. Vucko Law represents individuals of all nationalities, backgrounds, races, ethnicities and genders in employment related disputes.

  • 3D Platform

    Case Study 3D Platform

    Plego redesigned from the ground up and enabled e-commerce functionality which allowed 3DP to sell their products and accessories direct to the customer.

  • Jessup Manufacturing

    Case Study Jessup Manufacturing

    Plego Designed and Developed a Cloud based Custom Quote Management Application for Jessup Manufacturing.

  • Alyce Paris

    Case Study Alyce Paris

    Plego designed and developed a cutting-edge, modern and trendy fashion website for the Alyce Paris’ spring collection. Alyce Paris dresses are the best choice for a dramatic way to present yourself for a stylish and sophisticated evening.

  • Kensington School

    Case Study Kensington School

    Plego designed and developed a fully-featured website for Kensington School. The site has information regarding all their schools and curriculums in addition to a blog and careers portal.

  • Wagerocity

    Case Study Wagerocity

    Plego created a free fantasy sportsbook app for both iOS and Android that allows users to make sports bets through the virtual dollars. Users would be able to bet virtually on a multitude of sports including Football, Basketball, Baseball, Ice Hockey, Soccer and more.

  • QuickSnap

    Case Study QuickSnap

    Plego created a mobile app that allows users to take short 1 to 5 second videos and convert them to animated GIFs. The user can create and share their own GIF’s and send them out immediately.

  • Plate Locate

    Case Study Plate Locate

    Plego created a DotNetNuke Website for Plate Locate which is committed to helping repossession agencies and lenders increase their recovery rates without increasing their financial risk.

  • Kinter K-Stick

    Case Study Kinter K-Stick

    Kinter needed to create a separate micro-site that differentiated their product from all other Kinter products. Plego stepped up to the plate and designed a full featured microsite via WordPress.

  • Juno Lighting Group

    Case Study Juno Lighting Group

    Plego created a website for Juno Lighting Group that through the use of Plego’s customized “product selector” and “product index”, was able to unify Juno’s product lines from eight brands into a single product catalog.

  • Sara lee

    Case Study Sara lee

    Plego designed an interactive website to share the crowdsourcing baking recipes with customers. Sara Lee’s microsite is a place where customers of Sara Lee can collaborate and share new ideas regarding Sara Lee’s food products.

  • Palos Health & Fitness

    Case Study Palos Health & Fitness

    Plego designed a site that allowed potential members to learn more about the club and apply for membership. In addition, it provided vital information regarding the club’s facilities, hours and policies.

  • American Physicians

    Case Study American Physicians

    Plego created a responsive website that was compatible with all devices and delivered course information effectively which helps physicians achieve and maintain board certification with pass-guaranteed board exam review courses, conferences, and CME.

  • Creative Portal Inc

    Case Study Creative Portal Inc

    Plego built this site as a hub for the home building industry. With discussion boards, supplier listings, & trade show listings, the site is now one of the main sources of information for the industry.

  • Animated Vision

    Case Study Animated Vision

    Plego designed and developed a custom Data Warehouse and a backend solution for our client’s SAAS application called Visual Planner. Visual Planner is a user-friendly, web-based application that helps users review and specify product options as well as design a customized workspace easily & quickly.

  • JWT

    Case Study JWT

    Plego managed and maintained a web presence and database for the Illinois Board of Tourism. Plego was able to maintain the site with a Custom CMS and SQL Server Database. The goal was to market Illinois as a tourist destination.

  • Imprint Enterprises

    Case Study Imprint Enterprises

    Plego developed a custom Pinnacle Cart eCommerce solution. A Pinnacle website was created with a complete product catalog and custom search and filtering engines.

  • Novo Surgical

    Case Study Novo Surgical

    Plego developed a custom Magneto eCommerce solution for Novo Surgical. The solution came with a complete product catalog, custom search and filtering engines, and customizable navigational tools.

  • Zebra Technologies

    Case Study Zebra Technologies

    Plego was brought in to run and manage Zebra’s web translation initiative through the use of the day communique content management system.