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Client Profile

Rxeed offers a one-stop shop that connects consumers, independent pharmacies and drug wholesalers in a dynamic electronic marketplace for prescriptions. They are building a pharmacy community that is inclusive, effective and revolutionary. Our marketplace facilitates business to business and business to consumer sales.

Client Industry


Business Challenges

The founding member of RXeed came to Plego with his conceptualization of a brand new marketplace for pharmaceuticals. He wanted a marketplace that minimized the inefficiencies that came with purchasing prescription drugs and make it a win win win scenario for consumers, pharmacies and wholesalers.


Plego designed and developed a brand new web application via the Laravel PHP Framework. This web application was developed for three specific types of users:

  • Consumers

  • Independent Pharmacies

  • Wholesalers

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Below is a summary of each component of this web application.


  • The Rxeed Web Application lets you choose how much you pay for prescription drugs by letting multiple pharmacies bid their lowest price for your medication and required services.

  • It lets you get transparent competition from both retail and mail order pharmacies, at the same time. Competition lowers prices and improves services and quality; it’s good for both retail and mail order pharmacy.

  • It has a locate feature that locates who stocks the medication you need.

  • Rxeed offers CMR- Comprehensive Medication Review, A thorough consult regarding all patient medications that benefits drug adherence and compliance, coverage of drug interactions or possible drug duplication to name a few areas of concern.

  • The site features “Contact a Compounding Pharmacy”. Hard to make and hard to find compounded medications are no longer a cause of frustration for you. Simply input your compound information and will search for a compounding pharmacy to fill your compound.

Request a bid

User’s can request bid for any medication in the Rxeed database by searching for that medication, entering the quantity needed. The user will the receive the bids in a given period of time. The user then must pay a fee to view the bid for the medication.

Locate medication

User’s can locate hard to find medication through this feature. If a pharmacy in the user’s defined area has it in stock, the user can then communicate with the pharmacies for a fee.

Comprehensive Medication Review

The comprehensive medication review (CMR) offers much more than the traditional brown-bag review. Pharmacists go beyond review of medication purposes and side effects, and creation of a personal medication list (PML) for the patient. CMRs also assess issues such as adherence, appropriateness of therapy, and opportunities for cost savings, and along with a medication list provide a medication action plan (MAP), detailing the steps to optimized medication therapy.

Rxeed dashboard

Independent Pharmacies:

  • Search Pharmacies’ inventories of overstock and short dates.

  • Search Wholesalers’ inventories.

  • Inquire within fellow independent pharmacy regarding drug availability due to shortage or backorder.

Consumer Requests

This Feature allows licensed local independent pharmacies to view open auction. Pharmacy has only one chance to place a bid of their best price for the auction.

Locate medication

Response to consumer location requests.

Request Bid

This free feature allows independent pharmacies to have licensed wholesalers from their local state bid on selected medication. i.e medication that receives negative reimbursement from insurance companies.

Search Wholesaler

Search licensed local wholesaler’s inventory in your state. Enter NDC or medication name.

Search Pharmacy

This feature allows independent pharmacies to buy and sell small quantities of non-controlled, non-expired overstocked prescription drugs and drugs in short supply, to satisfy a specific patient need or declared public health emergency. A service fee of 3% with a maximum of $200 per transaction will be charged to the seller’s credit card.

Pharmacy Inquiry

A feature Rxeed offers to all independent pharmacy owners. Is the drug(s) you need on back order or part of a shortage? Send requests to other licensed independent pharmacies nationwide to see who is able to supply the drug(s) you need.

Rxeed bid

Drug Wholesalers:

  • Lowest commission fee of 2.5% on any seller platform.

  • Upload daily special which will be distributed to local licensed independent pharmacies within the state of business.

Rxeed bids

Technologies Used

Laravel, PHP, MySQL, JQuery, JavaScript

Services Provided

Web Application Development

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