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The National Alliance for Insurance Education and Research

The National Alliance for Insurance Education and Research – Magento, MySQL, Oracle, .NET

Client Profile

For almost five decades, this company has set the standard for quality, practical continuing education and for delivering what insurance and risk management practitioners want. Over 150,000 respected professionals, across the U.S. and worldwide, have used and continued to use their continuing education programs as the foundation upon which they build their successful careers and businesses.

Client Industry

Insurance and Risk Management

Business Challenges

Their existing website did not have the modern technology, providing an antiquated look. The site was built on a Magento 1 platform and had sub standard mobile compatibility, tedious to navigate course catalog and a back-end login area built on a completely different technology just so it could connect with their Oracle database.

The Magento 1 platform was also very cumbersome. With an admin interface that was difficult to manage and navigate, it was quite exhausting for their user base to administer the site. In addition, Magento 2 came with numerous performance updates.

Below is a view of the old website.

Magento development


Plego built a brand new eCommerce site based on the Magento 2 platform with features defined below.

Enhanced Home Interface

A brand new homepage interface was created that made it easier for users to access the information they needed. Access to courses, resources, and program data was presented up front.

Below are the features of the homepage:

  • Dynamic sliders with changeable content
  • Access to programs
  • Access to resources

risk management app

risk management app

Dynamic Course Schedule Interface

The course schedule interface was designed with a user-friendly, intuitive design that made it easy for anyone to find the courses they are looking for. With the new search interface and tiled course quick view, users were able to get their desired results right away.

The following are the main features of the Course Schedule section:

  • Course quick view and detailed view
  • Full text course search
  • Filters
  • By Location
  • By Course type
  • By Program
  • By Dates

Magento 2 risk management app

Course Detail Interface

The course detail interface was completely revamped to show a more complete view of:

  • The course
  • Itinerary
  • Faculty
  • Credit hours
  • Accommodations for visitors from other cities
  • Detailed course overview.

Magento app

Oracle API

A custom Oracle API was built to build a bridge between Magento and the company’s Oracle back-end. Student and Course data stored in Oracle pertaining to:

  • Course history
  • Continuing education credits
  • Membership dues
  • Other critical customer data was directly available on the website to the students

Technologies Used

MagentoMySQL, Oracle, .NET

Services Provided

Magento Website Design & DevelopmentAPI Development and Integration.