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Adam from Koloden

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value Plego Technologies has been a valuable and cost-effective partner in brining our SaaS platform to fruition. We look forward to our continued relationship and further development of our technology with them.


Koloden – Python NLP Packages scikit-learn, package, Laravel, React Js

Client Profile

Koloden is an e-service platform that offers brand owners and online sellers protection for their intellectual property and inventions by validating the copyright status of sold products on platforms such as Wish, Amazon, Walmart, and eBay. Koloden was envisioned by intellectual property attorneys who have worked on IP enforcement cases in federal courts across the country.

Client Industry


Business Challenges

Koloden was in search of a platform to empower brand owners to:

  • Scrape product listings for counterfeit products, minimizing the need for manual searches.
  • Ensure the highest level of accuracy from massive databases containing product listing content and media.
  • Manage the copyright risk against proprietary trademark and image databases.


  • A team of experts at Plego designed and developed a brand-new website with a user-friendly and elegant interface, utilizing the Laravel Framework to achieve optimal custom-oriented results.
  • By leveraging Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, and Artificial Intelligence, Plego developed an Intellectual Property infringement mitigation platform for Koloden. This platform empowers online sellers to:
    • Sell safely
    • Validate their products
    • Minimize risk
    • Establish a sustainable eCommerce platform.
  • Plego employed NLP semantic search library to produce the best results.
  • The Koloden API retrieves products from registered merchant stores and provides results based on their products.
  • We deployed an algorithm employing ML techniques to identify copyright issues and safeguard online sellers from account freezing and lawsuits.
  • Plego integrated AI technologies and developed an algorithm that highlights the duplication of:
    • Product Names and Description (Using NLP – Text Search Technology).
    • Product Images and Logo (Using Visenze API – Visual search Technology).
    • Data Token keywords – breaking the sentence into words to retrieve authentic results from the 6 million databases.
  • We helped merchants, online sellers, and drop shippers to create their listings using NLP technology, allowing them to discover problems before the brand owners do, while also encouraging a win-win situation.


The top of the Main Page Informs Users on How Koloden helps sellers.

Section Highlights;

  • Sophisticated Menu Bar.
  • Information on functionality along with an email address field and Get started Button.
  • Video Guide with Multiple languages.

Get Started Button redirects to the registration form, Fields include;

  • Name.
  • Phone Number.
  • Email Address.
  • Referral Code.
  • Promo Code.
  • Password.
  • Check Box to accept the terms and Conditions.
  • Register Button.

Section Demonstrates the Problems, such as;

  • Numerous trademarks are often undiscoverable.
  • Account Strikes could result in hefty fines, account freezing, or sealing.
  • Right holders may file civil or criminal lawsuits and obtain statuary damages, costs, and attorney fees regardless of actual sales.

The section describes the following features;

  • Koloden shares the daily report on listing status and problems.
  • APIs integration automatically retrieves listing data from various marketplaces.
  • Security of Koloden utilizing 256-bit SSL.
  • Safe and Reliable payment method.

Section elaborates the benefits of Koloden Services.

Benefited parties are;

  • Resellers
    • Notified of infringing the protected trademark.
  • Brands
    • Minimize the accidental utilization of Brands’ trademark.
  • Marketplaces
    • Litigation-related administrative costs are reduced.

The Section Highlights the Marketplaces.

The get started Button redirects to the registration form.

A form pops up with a click on the Help button that requires to input;

  • Name.
  • Email Address.
  • Subject.
  • Description.

Footer incorporates the following features;

  • Terms of Service.
  • Privacy.
  • Contact Us.
  • Social Media Icons (External Links attached).


This Section defines the structure with the image incorporated.

Koloden API’s Demo illustrates the mechanism of an algorithm.

Features include;

  • Listing Title Field.
  • Category Field.
  • Submit Button fetches the required existing similar data.

Sample results interface.

“Would you like to know more” button takes the user to the “Contact Us” Page where features comprise;

  • Address.
  • Phone Number.
  • Email Address.
  • Google Map (Embedded).

About Us

This Section reflects Koloden’s synopsis, Merchants Challenges, and Technology solutions.


Koloden’s E-service comes with different Monthly packages.

The signup button allows merchants to acquire the plan.

Technologies Used

Python NLP Packages scikit-learn, package, LaravelReact Js

Services Provided

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