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IBOT is the State of Illinois government’s agency in charge of promoting the State of Illinois and encouraging tourists from around the country and the world to explore the thousands of attractions within the state’s borders.

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The Solution

Plego managed and maintained a web presence and database for the Illinois board of Tourism. With over 8,000 different tourist attractions, over half a million signed up users, and a constantly changing website based on current events, Plego was able to maintain the site with a custom CMS and SQL Server Database.

The site is currently seen by millions of people around the world who are interested in sites and attractions within illinois. From showcasing chicago’s 2016 olympic bid, President Barack Obama’s illinois background to covering the little known areas of illinois that are often ignored, is the world’s gateway into what is illinois.

With this in mind, Plego was able to develop a robust database infrastructure that was able to handle the sheer volume such a site would attract. Using .net technology and SQL Server Database, Plego developed a comprehensive end to end web application that gave users a seamless and dynamic experience, and allowed our client to maintain and update the site on a daily basis.

Services provided

Web Design & Development, Database Development

Technologies Used

SQL Server, ASP.Net

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