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Applications for StartUps that are Fast, Flexible & Scalable


Category: StartUp and MVP
  • Rxeed

    Case Study Rxeed

    Plego designed and developed a brand new web application via the Laravel PHP Framework. This web application was developed for three specific types of users.

  • EngageVE

    Case Study EngageVE

    Plego designed and developed a brand new website for EngageVE via WordPress containing dynamic 3D models to demonstrate the capability of EngageVE’s virtual and hybrid events.

  • Digitrac Systems

    Case Study Digitrac Systems

    Plego designed and developed a custom cloud-based inventory, warranty and tracking web application for Digitrac Systems. This solution allowed the client to integrate all their processes previously held within spreadsheets and emails into a robust, efficient, dynamic and real-time cloud application.

  • EventStand

    Case Study EventStand

    Plego designed and developed a new web presence for EventStand. From conferences to meetings to events, EventStand is where people can inform, discover and be part of events that inspire, empower, delight and unite.

  • Scan Am

    Case Study Scan Am

    Plego created a web application for Scan AM, that automated the process of hospital care technicians to respond to immediate patient needs in most timely and efficient manner.

  • M&S Technologies

    Case Study M&S Technologies

    Through extensive collaboration with industry-leading pediatric ophthalmologists, Plego developed a custom ERM Application for the Pediatric Ophthalmology practice which is committed to bringing high quality, highly accurate computerized vision testing products.

  • RFC Express

    Case Study RFC Express

    RFC Express provides access to public lawsuit filings retrieved from the U.S. Federal District Courts and from