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Let Your Customers Interact With Your Business Through Interactive Touchscreen Interfaces


Category: Interactive Touchscreen Experiences
  • Children's Museum

    Case Study Children's Museum

    Plego created a multilingual creative virtual studio or TV production application to showcase children’s potential by creating and publishing professional news programs

  • Interactive Periodic Table

    Case Study Interactive Periodic Table

    Plego crafted a comprehensive and engrossing application that utilized custom features to captivate school kids, encouraging them to explore the periodic table.

  • Space center

    Case Study Space center

    Plego revolutionized the application with an AI Piloting system, multiple kiosks and a star map - creating innovative experiences for kids to explore their favorite planets through simulated flight.

  • Furniture Home Store

    Case Study Furniture Home Store

    Plego created an in-store, touch screen product catalog app that allowed Furniture Homestore guests to browse and search their entire product collections.