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Make Your Next Virtual Event Stand Out and Create a Lasting Impression on Attendees!


Category: Virtual Events
  • Sephora

    Case Study Sephora

    Plego created a virtual event for Sephora, a global beauty company, offering an immersive community experience featuring 3D interactive images to showcase Sephora's products, along with a unique system that rewarded participants with NFTs and Beauty Insider points for their gaming skills throughout the event.

  • Gilead

    Case Study Gilead

    Plego revolutionized Gilead's training with a captivating and resourceful Virtual Training Center. This virtual hub provided courses in an immaculate replica of their physical environment, giving employees the most realistic learning experience possible.

  • Renesas

    Case Study Renesas

    Plego transformed the way customers experience Renesas products, services and literature with interactive 3D photo-realistic images accompanied by virtual networking via a 360° visibility platform. This innovative solution enabled efficient information sharing between participants to foster deeper connections with their brand.

  • bareMinerals

    Case Study bareMinerals

    Plego modified the customer experience by developing an incredible Virtual Villa for BareMinerals. This interactive 3D space features photo-realistic images and real-time 360° visibility, allowing customers to gain a better understanding of their products, services and literature while Hailey Bieber takes them on a guided tour - all contributing towards promoting brand awareness with efficient product pitching.

  • MxD

    Case Study MxD

    Plego's pioneering engineering enabled MxD to construct a virtual replica of their factory, providing tailored booths and conference forums for Partners to virtually market their offerings.

  • Fitbit

    Case Study Fitbit

    Plego (along with EngageVE and Pulse Studios) conceived and designed an immersive Virtual Island experience that allowed visitors to attend a product unveiling at an exotic virtual beachfront location.

  • Wipro

    Case Study Wipro

    Plego created a fully customized 3D Virtual Event where the objective was to provide an immersive global experience beyond a traditional webinar, allowing attendees to explore different venues and develop better business relationships to endure brand loyalty.

  • EngageVE

    Case Study EngageVE

    EngageVE is a one-stop solution for virtual and hybrid event management. Their aim was to help event organizers to create scalable virtual events and hybrid events that rival the experience of live in-person events.

  • ZS Associates

    Case Study ZS Associates

    ZS Associates tasked Plego (in partnership with Pulse Studios and EngageVE) to create an engaging online hub that could be used as 3D Virtual Meeting Space for prospective clients as well as a place to host internal events.