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Business Intelligence + Analytics

Our Business Intelligence practice delivers high quality results that drive innovation and empower decision makers with business-critical insights. Allow us to turn your data analytics into an interactive and visual decision making experience that can be used for your analytical needs with our data analytics visualization services.

Our BI practice helps your organization to:
Bi Technologies

Adopt and implement BI technologies

Plego will create a roadmap for your company and select the proper data analytics tools and integrations needed for your BI Infrastructure. In addition, upon implementing, Plego continues to monitor, evaluate and iterate your BI Infrastructure based on your evolving needs.


Customize BI platforms to your maximum benefit

Whether you are a consumer, an analyst, or an advanced developer, Plego’s BI team automatically adapts to your needs and allows you to personalize a solution unlike anything else.


Integrate any data sources and maintain data infrastructure

Our BI team can integrate with almost any external data source and maintain the integrity of your data so that you can get comprehensive and accurate analytics via multiple data sources.


Generate business value through data analytics and visualization

Our BI services will allow your team to project and plan for the future of your business. Allowing you to maximize and use resources more efficiently by understanding upcoming trends your company is projected to follow.

Our main goal is to help you transform company’s data into better business results and smarter decision making. We have extensive experience in organizational implementations of BI, the creation of next-gen reports, BI tools and dashboards, complex data modeling, advanced DAX calculations, and customized visualizations.

Tableau Solutions

Tableau solutionsPlego assists companies with customized Tableau dashboard design and development services that provide them with usable insights. We enable Tableau to become an invaluable productive resource for your organization instead of just a fancy data viewing tool. With robust data management, data visualization, and data analytics features, combined with extremely flexible level of available customizations, Tableau is capable of handling large scale business intelligence challenges. Below are the some of the main features we work with:

Tableau Implementation

We implement high performing business analytics workflows using Tableau.

Dashboards & Visualization

We can provide you Heatmaps, Gauges, Charts, Tables, Cross-tab reports, Drill Through/Down Charts, among many other visual tools.

Tableau Server

We implement Tableau server based solutions for collaborative decision making.


We integrate multiple data sources into one real-time data exchange solution, including databases, web services, spreadsheets and SaaS Applications.

Power BI Solutions

Power BI Microsoft solutionsPower BI from Microsoft is one of the leading BI tools available and has matured into an exceptional Business Intelligence and Analytics tool. Plego can help you leverage Power BI to visualize your data to make analysis and decision-making simpler and more efficient. Plego can also help your company use Power BI to extract and convert data from multiple disparate sources in order to obtain meaningful insights. All this helps you to look at the same data from a variety of angles with a variety of different viewpoints, as we can train your employees to create reports and dashboards without the assistance of IT administrators. Some of the unique Power BI benefits are:

Custom Dashboards

Powerful dashboard graphs and visualizations that are being continuously updated.

Built-in machine learning

Power BI can analyze data and help users spot valuable trends and make educated predictions

Cloud Based

Users get cutting edge intelligence capabilities and powerful algorithms that are updated regularly

Data Analysis Expressions (DAX)

Hundreds of functions and counting. The rich DAX formula language includes libraries of powerful capabilities to perform computational gymnastics on your data and create valuable analytical data models.

How do we work?

fixed price

Project Based

If you already have a defined scope in place for a very specific work requirement, a fixed priced, project based, solution may be the best option for your company. You define the scope and scale of a project, we will provide you a fixed price and deliver the project on time and on budget.

  • Know your budget before starting
  • Only price variance happens if requirements change
  • Milestone based, phased payment structure
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Development Team

Our team works as an extension of your team. If your company has a constant in-flow of development work that would require one or more resource, our team is available to be there for that purpose. Working on a retainer basis, you can reserve as many of our resources for a committed period of time.

We guarantee our work if you are for any reason not satisfied with our service!

  • Dedicated Team Members
  • Full time (160 hours) or Part time (80) hours staff available
  • Monthly retainer based billing.


Why Choose Us?


Experienced engagement managers that can come to your office and work on requirements with you anywhere in the US

local project

On Time Delivery. We meet our deadlines. Full stop.


Your Data is Secure. All development is conducted on our AWS and Azure based cloud hosting services

money back

We work with your budget. Whether your budget is fixed or set monthly, we will make sure to adhere to any budgets established.


Scale your staffing needs according to your delivery and output needs. We can expand and contract our staff based on your schedule.

What Separates Us


High End, Cost Efficient Talent

Plego’s services are not only guaranteed to be on time and on budget, you will quickly realize that you will need less of a budget than with other application development vendors.

Plego has built-in efficiencies based on location of talent, quality of talent, and experience in house to be able to provide quality solutions at an extremely competitive cost, with no shortcuts. Take advantage of our free assessments to realize our competitiveness first hand.

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Free Assessments with No Commitment

Contact our project coordinators to get a free assessment for your project or ongoing development needs. Talk to our team about your requirements and we will be able to determine for you an expected budget. We can provide budgets for both fixed price and ongoing development work.

Our project coordinators will make sure to have a conversation with your team about your goals and expected deliverables and timelines. Based on those metrics along with complexity, we will be able to provide you with accurate pricing without any commitment from your end.

no sloppy

Experienced Staff for On-Site Consultations

Plego Technologies is an extremely responsive and disciplined organization. Members of our staff have worked with esteemed consulting firms such as Accenture, Deloitte, Price-Waterhouse, among others.

Plego’s strategic advantage is that our on-site consultants use their experience to efficiently manage and deliver projects on time and on budget. Our on-site consulting expertise will allow us to instill our rigid quality standards throughout our team in order to enable successful product delivery.

About Us

Plego Technologies, LLC is a global consulting and technology services agency located just outside of Chicago, IL in the United States.

Established in the year 2002, Plego specializes in industry-specific solutions, strategic outsourcing and integration services. Our clients gain a competitive advantage by utilizing our unique on-site and off-site delivery capabilities.

Plego specializes in web applications, eCommerce systems, enterprise software applications, systems integration and mobile application development.