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Your Mobile App Ideas Brought to Life


Category: Mobile Apps
  • AmeriPro

    Case Study AmeriPro

    Plego created a state-of-the-art mobile app for Ameripro, a top residential roofing company, streamlining data recording and lead generation for their sales reps in remote and disaster-affected areas, facilitating efficient prospect management, scheduling, real-time insights, and detailed visit logs, ultimately conserving time and effort.

  • Whizcribs

    Case Study Whizcribs

    Plego crafted a brilliant vision and designed an innovative app for Whizcribs that encompasses all the necessary aspects of gifting - smart product, custom-branded gift cards, in-home delivery service as well as insightful analytics with customer support. A Mobile app that lets users record send, and track gift cards wherever, whenever, all together in a very simple way.

  • Chicago Park District

    Case Study Chicago Park District

    Plego assisted the Chicago Park District in implementing a critical outreach campaign for Chicago’s Southeast Side Parks by creating a new app for both iOS and Android.

  • Longo Corporation

    Case Study Longo Corporation

    Plego designed and developed a simple yet smart app that allows field employee at Longo to do their work more efficiently, on time, and with greater accuracy.

  • Wagerocity

    Case Study Wagerocity

    Plego created a free fantasy sportsbook app for both iOS and Android that allows users to make sports bets through the virtual dollars. Users would be able to bet virtually on a multitude of sports including Football, Basketball, Baseball, Ice Hockey, Soccer and more.

  • QuickSnap

    Case Study QuickSnap

    Plego created a mobile app that allows users to take short 1 to 5 second videos and convert them to animated GIFs. The user can create and share their own GIF’s and send them out immediately.

  • Alyce Paris

    Case Study Alyce Paris

    Plego designed and developed a cutting-edge, modern and trendy fashion website for the Alyce Paris’ spring collection. Alyce Paris dresses are the best choice for a dramatic way to present yourself for a stylish and sophisticated evening.

  • Juno Lighting Group

    Case Study Juno Lighting Group

    Plego created a website for Juno Lighting Group that through the use of Plego’s customized “product selector” and “product index”, was able to unify Juno’s product lines from eight brands into a single product catalog.