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Modern, Professional and Elegant Websites


Category: Web Design and Development
  • Our Place

    Case Study Our Place

    Plego assisted Ourplace, a non-profit supporting teens and adults with IDD, in revamping their website to enhance user experience, increase engagement and donations, and project a contemporary image. This digital transformation of Ourplace's program archives helped them effectively promote their mission and society.

  • Advocate Construction

    Case Study Advocate Construction

    Plego designed and developed a brand new website for Advocate. We separated the content between their service lines and their recruiting operations. This two prong approach helped achieve Advocate’s mission of growth from multiple avenues.

  • Sensaphonics

    Case Study Sensaphonics

    Plego created a virtual training platform for Sensaphonics, mirroring their traditional in-person seminars. Sensaphonics specializes in tailored earphones for noise protection. The course simplified access to training and obtaining certificate for audiologists. The switch not only brought in additional revenue but also enhanced the regular interaction with clients, benefiting both Sensaphonics and the audiologists.

  • Chicago Park District

    Case Study Chicago Park District

    Plego assisted CPD in implementing critical outreach campaign for Chicago’s Southeast Side Park by creating new website and app for both iOS and Android.

  • Jessup Manufacturing

    Case Study Jessup Manufacturing

    Jessup Manufacturing had multiple brands of products, each having their own website. Plego took on the initiative of creating one cohesive online brand strategy.

  • Shobha Salons

    Case Study Shobha Salons

    By using the Millennium SDK and another third party API’s, Plego created a fully eCommerce web presence for Shobha Salons. The new site allowed users to purchase products and book appointments directly to Shobha’s Millennium system.


    Case Study ISASS

    Plego redesigned and developed the ISASS website with a brand new, modern and responsive interface. With an emphasis on promoting their annual member conferences and new and existing member management, Plego enabled ISASS to be a hub for their membership base.

  • EngageVE

    Case Study EngageVE

    Plego designed and developed a brand new website for EngageVE via WordPress containing dynamic 3D models to demonstrate the capability of EngageVE’s virtual and hybrid events.

  • Alyce Paris

    Case Study Alyce Paris

    Plego designed and developed a cutting-edge, modern and trendy fashion website for the Alyce Paris’ spring collection. Alyce Paris dresses are the best choice for a dramatic way to present yourself for a stylish and sophisticated evening.

  • Kensington School

    Case Study Kensington School

    Plego designed and developed a fully-featured website for Kensington School. The site has information regarding all their schools and curriculums in addition to a blog and careers portal.

  • SolarCode

    Case Study SolarCode

    Plego developed a WordPress website for Solarcode. Solarcode is a design/build powerplant developer providing the development, construction, and maintenance of their Solar-based Power Plants for their clients as well as provide electricity to the wholesale power market, the “grid.”


    Case Study SMISS

    Plego redesigned the SMISS website from the ground up. The site enabled membership management functionality in order to allow users to join SMISS, manage their member status, and update their profile.

  • Sones de Mexico

    Case Study Sones de Mexico

    Plego revamped the site of Sones de Mexico to include a secured WordPress backend and utilizes a custom integration with Facebook's calendar events and analytics api's.

  • Vertex Energy Ltd.

    Case Study Vertex Energy Ltd.

    Plego designed and developed a brand-new web presence for Vertex, a company that deals with affordable, secure, and eco-friendly energy solutions for Africa. The partnership birthed a new website featuring immersive storytelling tabs, captivating visuals, and seamless information updates, increasing their brand visibility to attract partners and showcase sustainability initiatives in the oil and gas sector.

  • EventStand

    Case Study EventStand

    Plego designed and developed a new web presence for EventStand. From conferences to meetings to events, EventStand is where people can inform, discover and be part of events that inspire, empower, delight and unite.

  • Hollywood Blvd Cinema

    Case Study Hollywood Blvd Cinema

    Plego migrated the Hollywood Blvd Cinema website from a cumbersome proprietary CMS to a WordPress platform. This allowed for a user-friendly seat selection and ticket purchasing for movie goers and more efficient website management for their staff.

  • HLC

    Case Study HLC

    Plego embarked on a challenging mission to bring HLC's site up-to-date. This involved exporting an extensive database of information, implementing eye-catching new designs utilizing the latest theme technology and installing Joomla 4 CMS with its data seamlessly integrated into the system.

  • Driver Industrial Safety

    Case Study Driver Industrial Safety

    Plego optimized Driver Industrial Safety's site by refining data upload and UI, creating a centralized resource repository, and crafting a custom design that reflects DIS's brand identity, all while empowering them with an efficient CMS management system.

  • FPIF

    Case Study FPIF

    Plego revamped FPIF’s entire online presence. This was accomplished by creating a dynamic Website that enabled them full content control, document upload capability, and announcement broadcasting, along with designing a new and modern logo that established their brand identity.

  • Palos Health & Fitness

    Case Study Palos Health & Fitness

    Plego designed a site that allowed potential members to learn more about the club and apply for membership. In addition, it provided vital information regarding the club’s facilities, hours and policies.

  • Vucko Law

    Case Study Vucko Law

    Plego developed a new web presence for Vucko Law with an attractive and a user friendly interface. Vucko Law represents individuals of all nationalities, backgrounds, races, ethnicities and genders in employment related disputes.

  • 3D Platform

    Case Study 3D Platform

    Plego redesigned from the ground up and enabled e-commerce functionality which allowed 3DP to sell their products and accessories direct to the customer.

  • American Physicians

    Case Study American Physicians

    Plego created a responsive website that was compatible with all devices and delivered course information effectively which helps physicians achieve and maintain board certification with pass-guaranteed board exam review courses, conferences, and CME.

  • Plate Locate

    Case Study Plate Locate

    Plego created a DotNetNuke Website for Plate Locate which is committed to helping repossession agencies and lenders increase their recovery rates without increasing their financial risk.

  • Kinter K-Stick

    Case Study Kinter K-Stick

    Kinter needed to create a separate micro-site that differentiated their product from all other Kinter products. Plego stepped up to the plate and designed a full featured microsite via WordPress.

  • Juno Lighting Group

    Case Study Juno Lighting Group

    Plego created a website for Juno Lighting Group that through the use of Plego’s customized “product selector” and “product index”, was able to unify Juno’s product lines from eight brands into a single product catalog.

  • Sara lee

    Case Study Sara lee

    Plego designed an interactive website to share the crowdsourcing baking recipes with customers. Sara Lee’s microsite is a place where customers of Sara Lee can collaborate and share new ideas regarding Sara Lee’s food products.

  • Pro Material Solution

    Case Study Pro Material Solution

    Plego developed the Pro Material Solutions site which is a new digital design tool developed to help contractors and manufacturers facilitate the design and sample collection for construction projects.

  • Great Shot Golf

    Case Study Great Shot Golf

    Plego developed a web site for Great Shot Golf which offers hole in one insurance, golf outing software, Free golf outing websites, putting contests, golf outing prices, signs and much more.

  • Temp in Time

    Case Study Temp in Time

    Plego developed the Temp in Time website as a resource for companies to fulfill their temporary labor needs. Temp time, inc. is a female, WBENC certified, full service staffing agency.

  • Robins Nest

    Case Study Robins Nest

    Plego developed a website for Robin’s Nest, which provides a warm, pleasant and affordable assisted living experience for seniors in the charming and historic Illinois towns of St. Charles and Geneva.

  • Columbus Manor

    Case Study Columbus Manor

    Plego developed a website for Columbus Manor, which is a home for the disadvantaged individuals in the Chicago area.

  • Wisconsin trigger

    Case Study Wisconsin trigger

    Plego designed and developed an e-commerce website for this Gun Parts manufacturer. Wisconsin Trigger is a family owned and operated business for anyone who demands superior quality triggers personalized to their own shooting styles.