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Alicia from Federal Bonding Program

Plego has completed several web development projects for our firm and we have been very pleased with each. Amin and his team have been essential to help problem-solve in various capacities to ensure an efficient and productive end product. We have been continually pleased with results including professional optics and user-friendly functionality.

Federal Bonding Program – FBP

FBP –MySQL, JavaScript, jQuery, PHP, WordPress

Client Profile

The Federal Bonding Program was created in 1966 as a collaboration between the United States Department of Labor (USDOL) and Union Insurance Group (UIG) to offer Fidelity Bonds to “at-risk,” hard-to-place job candidates. FBP bonds help to protect employers from losses incurred by the bonded employee’s fraudulent or dishonest activities. Examples of employee deception include Fraud, forging, robberies and thievery.

Client Industry


Business Challenges

FBP had several challenges with the manual handling of data and the insufficient database modules.

The Main challenges included;

  • Inadequate to maintain too many transactions in a manual system.
  • Employees were given access to confidential and sensitive information.
  • FBP had Concerns with integration within a single complicated system with multiple manual tasks.
  • Time Consuming Manual Compilation, data transfer, and reporting often created scope for multiple human errors and miscalculations.
  • It was a challenge for FBP to identify;
    • The exact amount of the invoice’s liabilities.
    • The location Where one-third of invoices are frequently lost or misplaced.
    • Duplication of a particular invoice.


Plego Technologies offered a robust, reliable, cost-effective, user-friendly, and dynamic platform to handle the eCommerce, automate the traditional manual procedure and integrate a strong, reliable, and secure payment method to ensure seamless operation of the system.

The following are the main features developed;

  • Plego provided FBP with a powerful Online Application that interacted with the website “” to automate their entire manual system where Employers do not have to appear in person to purchase bonds.
  • This application allows employers to purchase the bond (That covers employees with criminal histories) online and provides access to government reimbursement of the cost against any fraud.
  • Plego Technologies automated the data gathering process, which had previously been treated with Excel and spreadsheets, to improve the performance, avoid errors, and control access, allowing management to make effective decisions.
  • Our team of experts also reduced business expenses by minimizing the staffing, manual processes, and other unavoidable expenditures associated with manual transactions.
  • Plego Technologies deployed eCommerce with a secure and reliable payment system for clients to purchase bonds for their employees online.
  • Our highly qualified team infused a system that allowed FBP observe classified data, and conduct more accurate analysis to achieve better insights on trends.
  • Two independent web portals were designed for the Employer and the FBP Admin, each with its own advanced, automated, and user-friendly interfaces.

The Admin Features Are as Follows:


Admin needs to enter the credentials and log in to acquire full access.


Main Dashboard allows Admin to keep track of the essential categories with embedded internal thumbnail links, such as;

  • Bond Purchase History.
  • Certificate Purchase History.
  • Apply for a Payment.
  • Manage Users.
  • Delete Payments.
  • Delete Issued Bonds.

Bond Purchase History

This section features two text boxes that allow the administrator to search or view all of the bond owners’ information and a downloadable Excel sheet with all of the data, such as;

  • Order ID.
  • Order Date.
  • First and Last Name.
  • Sponsor Name.
  • Email Address.
  • State Name.
  • Number of Bonds with Separate Columns, such as;
    • Current.
    • Remaining.
    • Total.
  • Payment Type (The Medium).
  • Prices are divided into three columns, such as;
    • Premium (Price of Bonds).
    • Fees (Extra Charges).
    • Total Amount Paid.

Certificate Purchase History

This section allows administrators to view a table of certificates purchased records from hundreds of employers with initiated bonds along with a downloadable Excel file.

Columns with Titles are almost the same as those described above.

Apply For Payment

When the admin clicks “Apply for Payment,” the admin is taken to a screen that asks for information about the Bond Purchaser.

  • A “Radio Button” was also included to select either of the options, such as;
    • Utilizing TEGL Federal Bonding Grant Funds, which means;
      • Applying for Payment of Bonds against the Employees.
    • Not Utilizing TEGL Federal Grant Funds, which means;
      • Sparing Bonds for later use.

Modify User

A section that allows the admin to edit any user’s information subject to the provision of the email address.

Delete Payment

This form allows the admin to remove the payment against the bond by entering the details of the amount of the bond owners, such as;

  • Order ID.
  • Quantity of Bonds.
  • Total Amount to be deleted.
  • Medium of Payment.
  • Date.
  • “Delete” button to drop the payment from the system.

Delete Issued Bonds

A form appears where the Admin can undo all issued bonds associated with the certificate issuance by applying the Order ID of the user.

The Policy Owner/user Features Are as Follows:


To obtain comprehensive access, Policy Owners need to apply the credentials.


The interface of the Dashboard allows the user to control the two displayed categories by a thumbnail link (Embedded) such as;

  • Purchase Bonds.
  • Request Bond Issuance.

Purchase Bonds

  • With a single click, a “Form” with a text field displays, requiring the number of bonds to be acquired.

  • A “Submit” button takes the user to this cart that shows;
    • Information of Product, Quantity, and Total Price (with Admin fee).
    • Choice of selecting either option (as mentioned earlier).

  • Users can pay cash to the State Coordinators with a downloadable invoice that contain all of the employer’s information from “Address to Total Payment”.

Request Bond Issuance

A “Form” appears for the User to select the number of bonds.
A “Submit” button takes the user to another “Form” to be filled with information regarding;

  • State Bonding Coordinator.
  • Employer Receiving Bond.
  • Worker Covered by Bond.

State Bonding Coordinator.

  • This section allows the user to enter The State-wise details to get the bond fidelity within two weeks. Other Text fields to be filled are;
    • Bond ID (With a limit to $5000).
    • Check box (If Utilizing with TEGL Grant Funds).
    • Agency Name.
    • Contact Person Name.
    • Address.
    • City, State, and Zip Code.

Employer Receiving Bond

  • Complete Information about the Employer needs to be input, such as;
    • Company or Industry Name.
    • Contact Person Name.
    • Employer Email.
    • Employer Contact Number.
    • Address.
    • City, State, and Zip Code.
    • Type of Company.
    • Number of Employees.

Worker Covered by Bond

  • Text Fields required the information about the worker(s) to be filled in, such as;
    • First and Last Name.
    • Address.
    • City, State, and Zip Code.
    • Job Designation.
    • Bond Effective Date.
    • Justice-Involved (Status).
    • Gender.
    • Race or Ethnicity.
    • Hourly Wage.
    • Number of Hours per Week.
    • A “Process” button to initiate an action.

Technologies Used

PHP, WordPress, MySQL, JavaScript, jQuery.

Services Provided

Application Development Services