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Paul from L3DFX

Plego's team have been outstanding to work with. They are creative, highly responsive, solutions driven and pros at what they do. We have continued to work with them on various projects, and will continue to do so moving forward!

Major Toy Company – PHP (Laravel Framework), MySQL, JavaScript, jQuery

Client Profile

For over six decades, A Major American Toy Company has been at the forefront of creating beloved dolls and accessories that have shaped childhood memories for many. As a symbol of timelessness in the toy industry, its fashion doll is recognized around the world as an icon within their collections.

Client Industry


Business Challenge

This Toy company required a platform for School kids to promote science education while keeping their legacy as a pioneer in kid-friendly activities and quizzes. The Toy Company intended an application for kids where solving the chemistry problems on the periodic table was fun.


  • Plego successfully designed and integrated seamless functionality with Custom features to draw in and develop the interest of the school kids to engage in solving the periodic table-based problems and classifying the elements to study reactions.
  • Plego cleverly and carefully designed the UI/UX of the Periodic Table to be kid-friendly while keeping the company-themed vision to encourage education and attract children’s attention.
  • Plego integrated innovative technology and displayed the drag and drop module of the periodic table to show results in a matter of seconds.


To make students feel comfortable and spark their interest in learning the answers, the dashboard is visually modified using Simple UI-UX designs.


Reaction Quiz comes with compelling graphics and images and is randomly replaced with new ones upon a successful attempt.

Reaction Area

A Section with an animated lab flask where Users drag and play with the elements of choice from the Periodic table to get the answers.


A button for action aims to bring results.

Correct Answer

Right Answer notifies users with a Message that conveys a sense of success.

Incorrect Answers

A message appears once the user combines inaccurate elements together and unlocks the “Hint” button to help the user find the solution.

Try Again

A button that reverses the most recent move of dragged elements.

Technologies Used

PHP (Laravel Framework), MySQL, JavaScript, jQuery.

Services Provided

Interactive Touchscreen Experiences, Application Development