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Mitch from Posh Enterprises

We’re impressed with their ability to deliver on their promise. From the get-go, they understood our vision and were very straightforward in terms of explaining how much time was needed.

Posh Marketplace

Posh Marketplace – PHP, MySQL, VueJs, HTML, CSS, JS

Client Profile

Posh Marketplace is an online marketplace that brings together Sellers, Vendors and Customers in a one stop portal for quality consumer goods.  

Client Industry 


Business Challenges

The Posh team sought to transform the eCommerce industry and make it more appealing with their distinct selling and marketing platform for sellers and vendors, allowing them to work independently of third-party domains. A marketplace that empowers sellers and provides a sense of control to market the product, which in turn builds strong customer bases.


Challenges required diving into what Posh desired as an organization and what they were doing to evolve in the eCommerce space.

With an eye for creativity and following through on challenges, Plego was able to bring Posh’s vision into reality.

Posh was equipped with features highlighted below:

  • We teamed up to design several modules that positioned them as forward-thinking eCommerce providers capable of meeting sellers’ and Vendor’s needs.
  • We delivered a state-of-the-art platform to empower vendors, sellers, and users with the necessary tools to reach their highest potential.
  • A platform that allows Vendors to create a side hustle through registration.
  • Sellers can give their business the perfect face it deserves with built-in website templates, from a custom domain name to an impeccable design.
  • We achieved a win-win situation for both parties by ensuring that users develop trust when they view and browse across the seller’s own site.

Sellers can now put their energies towards growing their business, without the need to source IT staff individually. This new technology makes it a breeze!

Striving for excellence, our team crafted four modules to bring Posh Marketplace up to its highest standards of quality.

Vendor Module

Vendor module includes the following features:


Dashboard gives vendors a sense of control with graphical and tabular representation of orders. It even grants them a snapshot view from any month or year.

Manage products

A section that lets a vendor manage all the products by selecting search, sorting by and category fields. Vendors can also upload, edit, and delete products whenever they find them useful.

Upload Product

A Section where Vendor can input details of the product ranging from title, description, price, status, and category. Vendors can also upload product images.

My Orders

Three subsections are segmented with My Orders, which represents a tabular detailed form of Pending, In-Progress and Completed orders.


Billing section empowers vendors to search the recipient Order ID, Delivery date, amount, and payment medium.

Product History

A section is designed for the Vendor to view the history of a product’s recipient, ID, Shipping or delivery details, and the status by choosing category, year, and month.


A section that lets vendors search and view their product’s shipping details from recipient’s Order ID to the complete address.


A section for vendors to add their complete detail from Image to the complete address of the company.

Seller Module

Seller module includes many features defined already in vendor module except few of them displayed below:

Vendor Products

This section is designed to display all the available products from Vendor’s end with additional filtering fields such as Category, subcategory, and brands. Seller can select any of the products and add them into their listings.

My Products

Products taken from Vendor lists are displayed here with Products’ ID, name, image, Brand, vendor name and status.

Manage Website

A predesigned format that enables the seller to manage their website independently and to make changes as necessary.

My Sales

Sales section is designed for sellers to project the earnings against the products.

Admin Module

Admin module includes many features defined already in vendor and Seller module except few of them displayed below:


The dashboard Interface that gives an overview of Vendors and Sellers, along with top performer with revenue generated monthly, quarterly, and yearly. 

Top selling products are also displayed.

Pending Vendor Signups

A section is designed for the admin to accept or reject the applicant vendor.

Pending Seller Signups

A section is designed for admin to accept or reject the applicant seller.

User Module

User module includes few of the features defined already in vendor and Seller module except two of them displayed below:


Users can view their pending, canceled and successful orders along with the recent orders, delivery date and the status.

Track My Order

Interface designed for users to track their product at each step along with other essential delivery information.

Template 1

Built in template 1 designed for Seller.

Template 2

Built in template 2 designed for Seller.

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