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Scan Am

Scan Am – EMR and Managing Team Response Application for Hospitals

Client Profile

Scan Am has been a pioneer in advanced public health and safety communication systems. They have introduced many emerging technologies over the years, and many have become definitive business standards. As a dedicated vendor designing, installing and servicing these critical systems, they can satisfy almost any request, whether the department, building, or campus-wide in scope.

Client Industry

Medical Software

Business Challenges

Scan Am desired to automate the processes of Hospital Care Technicians so that they can respond to patient needs in the most timely and efficient manner.
The fact that hospitals still used dry erase marker boards to update patient schedules, precautions, and other relevant information was a troublesome one affecting the quality and accuracy of the information immediately available to a patient.
They wanted to ensure that Patient Care Technicians had access to accurate, real-time patient data in and outside the patient room.


Plego developed a custom five part EMR solution for hospitals that included the following:

MTR Supervised Precautions:
Centrally supervised and managed control of precautions displays for each room. No more messy or out-of-date notes posted on the doorways.

MTR Patient Room Boards:
Remotely update and manage bedside notice boards in individual patient rooms. Inform families of your patient’s progress, whereabouts, and plan of care. Dynamic alternative to dry erase boards.

MTR Hourly Rounding:
Increase staff efficiency by automatically counting down from the last visit to each room and reminding caregivers to visit again. Customized timers for each bed, plus suspend functions when the patient is away from the room.

MTRManagement Reports:
A comprehensive consulting and reports management package for improving response to nurse call light activity and hourly rounding statistics. Team’s progress is tracked through reports and fully automated charts and graphs.

MTRElectronic Whiteboards
The unit status board replaced with a centrally maintained and automatically updated electronic Whiteboards.

Operating features of an Application contains:

    • Electronic Whiteboard

A Whiteboard which is centrally maintained and contains all the necessary information of patient.

EMR solution Scan Am

    • Precautions Screen

Screen that is displayed outside of the patient room and can also act as a room number sign. Before entering, all staff must review this screen and make sure all necessary precautions are followed.

hospital application development Scan Am

    • Patient Room Notice Board

This screen is displayed inside the patient room and lets the patient and other staff know who the assigned caregivers are, if there any activities scheduled for the day, if the patient has any goals to accomplish, and it also displays time and contact information.

managing team response application

Technologies Used

Ruby On RailsPHP, MySQL, CakePHPJQuery, JavaScript

Services Provided

Web apps, EMR Application Development