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Space Center

Major Toy Company – PHP (Laravel Framework), MySQL, JavaScript, jQuery

Client Profile

An American multinational design, production, and marketing corporation is the owner of one of the most comprehensive catalogs of children’s toy products and family entertainment franchises in the world.

The Toy Company’s aim is to empower the next generation to explore the wonder of childhood and reach their full potential.

Client Industry


Business Challenges

Toy Company, with an objective to amuse kids and reach their full potential of science fiction, needed a real-time 3D Studio application for Planet exploration and children feel as if they are travelling at the speed of light looking out of the spacecraft window and seeing planets illuminated by the hyperdrive.


  • Plego carried an imaginative approach and developed the application by integrating an artificial intelligence Piloting system along with Interstellar airways (Space Center) the galaxy’s number one provider for virtual intergalactic tourism with 4 Screens and a star map to enable kids to select their favorite planet to explore and take a flight.
  • To capture the user’s interest and increase retention, Plego incorporated engaging science animations, graphical abstracts, and scientific illustrations.
  • The attributes of several planets are presented in simulation tasks with a voice-over, space sound effects, and bulleted information.
  • We developed Interstellar Airways to offer nonstop travel to planets and systems throughout the known universe with preloaded cutting-edge AI navigation algorithms with several points of interest.
  • Background Inflight passenger announcements give the journey a more exciting feel.

The application is divided into four screens.

Main Screen

The Virtual Central control panel has the sleek appearance of the space shuttle Star chart navigation system that authorizes the user to select any destination by clicking on the icon.

HUD Screen

The second screen displays the user’s current location and transports them to the desired or selected planet.


When the user clicks on any icon with a planet name on Main Screen, the animated information appears displaying the time and distance along with buttons to “Travel” or “Return to earth.”

Traveling to mars

To travel between different points in space and time, a user enters the time travel tunnel. The user had selected mars as a destination, Planet Mars appears along with some quick facts about its current population, weather, gravitational pull, and radial size.

Side Animation Screen

Users of the application can experience multiple side screens that simulate traveling at the speed of light.

Following are the extraterrestrial planets and satellites designed to develop the interest among kids.



Planet proxima centauri

The Helux Nebula

Technologies Used

PHP (Laravel Framework), MySQL, JavaScript, jQuery

Services Provided

Interactive Touchscreen Experiences, Application Development