Custom Technology Integration for Businesses

PHP frameworks

Plego Technologies has immense experience in PHP Applications and frameworks.

A framework is necessary so that our developers can structure their code so that it functions as a streamlined and logical web application. We specialize in mvc (model-view-controller) based frameworks.

Most open source frameworks use PHP, which is one of the most commonly used programming languages to create web applications. PHP can be deployed on any web server and on almost every os platform free of charge.

We can assist you in developing and deploying your ever critical PHP website or web application. We also offer all the possible effective solutions to enhance or upgrade your existing PHP applications.

Below is a list of the frameworks that our team has implemented applications with:

Cakephp, Codeigniter, Laravel, Zend, Symfony, Yii, Phalcon, Aura, Fat-Free, PHP-MVC,
Kohana, FuelPHP, Slim.

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ERP TO Web/Mobile Integration

Gain access to your corporate data via a web based application that integrates with your existing ERP. We can connect your existing website, web application, and iOS/Android mobile apps to your company’s database.

The possibilities are endless. We have worked with clients to create custom reports, track inventory, manage pricing and send customized data to franchisees.

Plego’s ERP to web integration applications create an easy to use, web interface for your company’s data that helps you gain access to information and streamline your processes.

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Microsoft technologies

our team of certified microsoft specialists can work with you on any microsoft based .NET application. The biggest advantage of .NET web application development is its robustness and high performance deliverability. .NET has been the framework behind many of our dynamic sites, CRM Solutions, eCommerce and business solutions. our expertise resides in but is not limited to:


.net frameworks




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Front end technologies

front end scripting languages are an essential subset of programming languages that perform specific functions within larger languages such as c# or java. with the advent of html5, web application developers will have these scripting languages, particularly AJAX and actionscript, incorporated in to the browser, as opposed to depending on 3rd party plug-ins.

below is a summary of some of the front end technologies are developers have expertise in:







responsive web design

twitter bootstrap


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CMS applications






Refinery CMS

Microsoft SharePoint

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