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Millennium Integration Solutions for Your Salon

The Teddie Kossof Salon, Spa & Wellness Center, is the nation’s largest beauty emporium of its kind under one roof.

Client Industry

Beauty Salon

The Challenge

Teddie Kossof Salon had a website that allowed customers to interact with Teddie Kossof’s booking and scheduling system, however, there was no dynamic link between the website and their crm software,Millennium 2008. Plego was commissioned to integrate the two systems, the Teddie Kossof website and the Millennium backend.

Teddie Kossof Salon also has no efficient way to manage online appointment bookings. the user sign up process on the web and user profile creation into their crm was done manually via email and manual data entry.

The Solution

By using the Millennium sdk and other third party api’s, Plego was able to establish a successful link between and Millennium 2008. the site, through the use of ASP.Net web services, is now able to communicate with the Millennium backend in real time.

Plego Technologies was successfully able to automate the process by successfully creating a new registration interface and directly integrating that interface with the Harms Millennium crm system used by the salon. now customers can sign in and book appointments on the fly at their favorite salon.

In order to further extend the level of integration with their backend cms, Plego Technologies continued to make the site more and more dynamic. in addition to registering online, customers can now buy and print their own gift certificates. this eCommerce solution allowed customers to not only purchase their certificates, but both the purchaser’s and recipient’s information was captured by the online portal and integrated with the crm. this allowed further marketing opportunities and enhanced customer service for the salon. now, at the time of redemption, the gift recipient is already in Teddie Kossof’s system and is ready to be serviced on the spot.

Technologies Used

ASP.Net, SQL Server, Harms Millennium

Services Provided

Web Design and Development, Application Development, Millennium Integration