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Zebra Technologies

Zebra Technologies – Day communique, Java, SQL Server, Oracle

Client Profile

Zebra Technologies Corporation is an American enterprise that specializes in mobile computing and tracking solutions. The company develops and markets a range of marking, tracing, and computer printing technologies.

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Business Challenges

Zebra Technologies operates globally, with products being sold in diverse markets including Europe, Asia, South America, and Africa. The company’s innovative solutions are utilized worldwide. To satisfy the global demand for up-to-date information about its products, Zebra needed to ensure that all content on was current and available in multiple languages.

The central website, based in the United States, serves as the primary hub for Zebra. All other international Zebra websites must mirror the information presented on this hub site. This requirement posed a significant challenge: content updated in the United States had to be quickly translated, approved, and published across all Zebra’s international sites.

Prior to this initiative, the translation process was often slow or inconsistent, leading to discrepancies across the various Zebra websites.


Plego Technologies was enlisted to oversee and manage Zebra’s web translation efforts. Utilizing the Day Communique content management system, Plego developed a process that created a cascade effect whenever updates were made to the hub website.

This solution involved webmasters worldwide, a third-party translation provider, and a custom Java application developed by Plego. Whenever the U.S.-based webmaster updated the site, Plego’s application would automatically send the change to the translation service. The resulting translations were then distributed to web programmers around the globe in their respective languages.

These webmasters would review the translated content and decide whether to approve it for publishing on their local sites. If the content was rejected, it would be returned to the translation provider along with feedback from the regional webmaster. The cycle would repeat until the content was satisfactorily updated and published.

This streamlined process enabled Zebra Technologies to maintain the most current product information online. Through its custom Java integration with the Day Communique system, Plego provided Zebra with the capability to keep their product information timely, thereby minimizing any delay in sales, production, or distribution worldwide.

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Technologies Used

Day communique, Java, SQL Server, Oracle

Services Provided

Web Design and DevelopmentApplication Development