Plego Technologies is a full-service web design and development studio that focuses on growing our clients’ businesses.

Building slick and engaging user interfaces requires client-side Javascript.

We use the best and most powerful tools such as ReactJS. Using Javascript and React results in the best mobile experience through single-page building application- and it doesn't require a slow page refresh.

React is flexible- so we can integrate with an existing database or API. Our development team leverages the Flux pattern and Redux to manage data flow. The component architecture helps with code reusability and maintenance.

With a simpler codebase and low cost- you can host your code anywhere including Amazon AWS. We'll deploy your application ensuring it is not only built for scale but is cross-browser compatible.


Built and utilized by Facebook, React JS is a fast and flexible javascript library that enables us to build dynamic user experiences efficiently. With its component-based, uni-directional data- flow architecture, it encourages code reusability simplifying the implementation of complex interactions. This architecture helps developers with simplified application logic.

React can be integrated into existing web applications or utilized to create stand-alone, “single page applications” that leverage other APIs.

React is known as being the “view” layer of the application. React can be applied with any server-side development framework such as Ruby on Rails (Ruby), Django (Python), Larval (PHP), .NET, or SpringMVC (Java). It can be plugged directly into a content management system (CMS) like WordPress or Drupal.


  • Rock-solid cloud deployments using Heroku and Amazon Web Services’ Scalable and robust data storage with Postgres and Amazon S3
  • Mature, stable and flexible server architecture using Rails, Node and Elixir
  • Cutting edge front-end interfaces with Angular, React, Ember and Meteor