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Or call us at 630.541.7929

Or call us at 630.541.7929

Northbrook Web Design and Development

Are you looking for a new website design or re-design for your existing website? Imagine a website you are proud of and search engine optimized. Our Northbrook, IL web designers create websites from the ground up. Plego Technologies have been designing and implementing high quality websites, web apps, mobile apps and numerous other marketing solutions to Northbrook businesses for over 20 years. Our decades of hands-on experience provide our clients with a fresh, properly designed website that are appealing visually on desktop and mobile that ensure each client’s business is heading in the right direction online or via app development.

Websites are intended to highlight the features and benefits of your business and at the same time, inspire customers to visit your establishment or make an online purchase for your product or service. At Plego, your success as a competitive business is our main focus. Our company’s web design professionals have wide-ranging knowledge of the different types of competitors you are facing in the Northbrook, IL community, and we are ready to design a website for you that will influence your targeted leads and exceed your business rivals.

Here are some things you will get from our talented Northbrook, IL web design company:

  • An online presence that truly showcases your brand
  • Help with branding, colors, design, and your business message
  • A tool to give clients or potential clients/customers information about who you are and what you do
  • Ongoing web design and development services that don’t stop once your site is up and running

We can create website designs in WordPress, Magento, Joomla and many other popular content management systems that are easy to update.

When you are ready to reach your target Northbrook or U.S. audience with creativity and professionalism, contact Plego Technologies or call us at 630-541-7929 to get started.


“With Workday, our employees and business leaders are having dialogues they’ve never had the opportunity to have before.”

American Express
Northern Trust

“With Workday, our employees and business leaders are having”


“With Workday, our employees and business leaders are having”

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"Let us build your new website"

We'll build your customized site.

Your brand needs a streamlined, ready-to-go business site that reflects the hard work and many hours your company puts in. We specialize in responsive, easy-to-use designs.

We'll design and develop your custom site.

We have specialists in each aspect of site development and site customization. We understand your specific needs and focus on custom designing a website to achieve your goals.

We'll choose the right technology and CMS Platform that fits your company.

Through the use of the latest CMS applications such as WordPress, Joomla, or Magento, we can create a web solution that you can maintain and manage with little outside help.

Plego will design a custom User Interface that fits your company’s brand identity.

In designing a custom site, we want to ensure the visual design is in perfect alignment with what the goals are for your brand.

We'll put in motion an ongoing SEO strategy for your site.

We will make sure to get your site noticed across the web with our SEO services.

We'll maintain and enhance your site.

We love working with our customers, as their businesses evolve, so do their websites.

"Let us improve on your current website"

We'll boost your site speed and performance.

A fast and efficient website is one that retains customers and gets noticed. We make sure your website meets all performance and technical criteria.

We'll increase your user interactions and ultimately your conversions.

We get users to contact you and help you generate revenue through your site.

We'll give your current website the user interface face-lift it needs.

Let us bring your site up to speed with modern design standards.

We'll integrate your external systems (such as your ERP or CRM applications) with your current site.

We can connect your existing website or web application to your company’s back-end systems.

We'll enhance your SEO performance.

We will make sure to improve your site so that it gets noticed online.

Let's start your own project.

Each and every project we take on is created with excellence and forward-thinking to give you the best-in-class website you and your company can be proud of. Get in touch with us today to get started.

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Dedicated Web App teams ready to augment your staff in order to assist you in your web application development projects.
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Mobile Apps
Our team of app developers can build custom native apps or take advantage of numerous leading frameworks to build lower cost, dual platform, hybrid apps.
Our search engine optimization campaign provides opportunities for our customers to create acquisitions (sales, leads, inquiries etc), and help consumers to engage with your brand.
We do so much more than web design
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Why Plego?

We have been satisfying clients since 2002.
Our staff comes from esteemed consulting firms such as Accenture, Deloitte & Leo Burnett.
Our roster of clients includes large corporations to startups and everything in between.
We pride ourselves in providing cutting edge yet smart user interfaces.
We only hire the best consultants to be a part of our team.